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In July 1975.

In July 1975, “ABC” label released “Head Over Heels”, the ninth Poco studio album. It was recorded in 1975, and was produced by Mark Henry Harman, Paul Cotton, Rusty Young, Timothy B. Schmit and George Grantham.


  • Paul Cotton- guitar, vocals
  • Rusty Young- steel guitar, guitar, vocals
  • Timothy B. Schmit- bass, vocals
  • George Grantham- drums, vocals
  • Donald Fagen– synthesizer
  • Victor Feldman– percussion
  • Steve Forman – percussion
  • Al Garth– violin
  • Mark Henry Harman– keyboards, piano, cello, recording engineer
  • Jimmie Haskell– strings
  • Milt Holland– percussion
  • Garth Hudson– keyboards
  • Michael Von Verdick– vocals

Track listing:

  1. Keep on Tryin’ -Timothy B. Schmit
  2. Lovin’ Arms – Rusty Young
  3. Let Me Turn Back to You – Paul Cotton
  4. Makin’ Love – Rusty Young
  5. Down in the Quarter – Paul Cotton
  6. Sittin’ on a Fence – Rusty Young
  7. Georgia, Bind My Ties – Paul Cotton
  8. Us – Rusty Young
  9. Flyin’ Solo – Timothy B. Schmit, Jacob Otis Brennan
  10. Dallas – Donald Fagen, Walter Becker
  11. I’ll Be Back Again – Timothy B. Schmit

On April 12, 1974.

Poco - Seven

On April 12, 1974, “Epic” label released “Seven”, the seventh Poco album. It was recorded in February 1974, and was produced by Jack Richardson. The album front cover was designed by Phil Hartman.


  • Paul Cotton- guitar, vocals
  • Rusty Young- pedal steel guitar, guitar, banjo, vocals
  • Timothy B. Schmit- bass guitar, vocals
  • George Grantham- drums, vocals
  • Jim Messina- mandolin
  • Burton Cummings- keyboards
  • Bobbye Hall- percussion, conga
  • Al Garth -fiddle
  • Recording engineer: Brian Christian

Track listing:

  1. Drivin’ Wheel – Paul Cotton
  2. Rocky Mountain Breakdown – Rusty Young
  3. Just Call My Name – Timothy B. Schmit, Noreen Schmit
  4. Skatin – Timothy B. Schmit
  5. Faith in the Families – Paul Cotton
  6. Krikkit’s Song (Passing Through) – Timothy B. Schmit
  7. Angel – Paul Cotton
  8. You’ve Got Your Reasons – Paul Cotton