In October 1973.

In October 1973, “Columbia” label released “Full Sail”, the third Loggins and Messina album. It was recorded in 1973, at “Wally Heider Studios” Hollywood, and was produced by Jim Messina.


  • Kenny Loggins– vocals, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, harmonica
  • Jim Messina– vocals, lead guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin
  • Jon Clarke – oboe, baritone saxophone, bass saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, alto flute, bass flute, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, English horn
  • Al Garth – violin, bass clarinet, recorder, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone
  • Larry Sims – bass, backing vocals
  • Merel Bregante – drums, timbales, backing vocals
  • Michael Omartian– piano, Wurlitzer electric piano, Hammond organ, tack piano, Lowrey organ, Moog synthesizer, Fender Rhodes electric piano
  • Vince Charles – steel drums
  • Milt Holland– percussion
  • Photography: Ed Caraeff
  • Art Direction: Ron Coro
  • Illustrations: Joe Garnett
  • Engineers: Jim Messina, Alex Kazanegras
  • Quadraphonic mix: Larry Keys, Alex Kazanegras
  • Quadraphonic mix Supervision: Al Lawrence, Alex Kazanegras

Track listing:

  1. Lahaina – Jim Messina
  2. Travelin’ Blues – Jim Messina
  3. My Music – Kenny Loggins, Jim Messina
  4. A Love Song – Kenny Loggins, Dona Lyn George
  5. You Need a Man/Coming to You – Jim Messina
  6. Watching the River Run – Jim Messina, Kenny Loggins
  7. Pathway to Glory – Jim Messina
  8. Didn’t I Know You When – Kenny Loggins, Michael Omartian
  9. Sailin’ the Wind – Daniel Loggins, Dann Lottermoser

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