On October 25, 1971.


On October 25, 1971, “Epic” label released “Rough and Ready”, the third Jeff Beck Group studio album. “Rough and Ready” is the first of two albums released with second The Jeff Beck Group. The album was recorded from April to July 1971, and was produced by Jeff Beck.


  • Jeff Beck: guitars, bass and production
  • Bobby Tench: vocals and rhythm guitar
  • Max Middleton: piano and keyboards
  • Clive Chaman: bass
  • Cozy Powell: drums

Track listing:

  1. Got the Feeling – Jeff Beck
  2. Situation – Jeff Beck
  3. Short Business – Jeff Beck
  4. Max’s Tune – Max Middleton
  5. I’ve Been Used – Beck
  6. New Ways/Train Train – Jeff Beck
  7. Jody – Jeff Beck and Brian Short

On October 25, 1969.

PinkFloyd -ummagummapg

On October 25, 1969, “Harvest Records” released “Ummagumma”, double album by Pink Floyd. The first record contains live materials and the second record contains solo compositions by each member of the band.“Ummagumma” is recorded on 27 April 1969 at the “Mothers Club” in Birmingham,  and  on 2 May 1969 at “Manchester College of Commerce” in  Manchester, and was produced by Norman Smith and Pink Floyd. The album artwork is created by Hipgnosis.


  • David Gilmour – lead guitar, vocals, all instruments and vocals on “The Narrow Way”
  • Nick Mason – percussion, all instruments (except flutes) on “The Grand Vizier’s Garden Party”
  • Roger Waters – bass guitar, vocals, all instruments and vocals on “Grantchester Meadows” and all instruments on “Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict”
  • Richard Wright – organ, keyboards, vocals, all instruments and vocals on “Sysyphus”
  • Lindy Mason – flutes on “The Grand Vizier’s Garden Party” parts I and III
  • Ron Geesin – additional vocals on “Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict

Track listing

Record one – live album

  1. Astronomy Domine – Syd Barrett
  2. Careful with that axe, Eugene – Roger Waters, Richard Wright, Nick Mason and David Gilmour
  3. Set the controls for the heart of the sun – Roger Waters
  4. A Saucerful of secrets – Roger Waters, Richard Wright, Nick Mason, David Gilmour

Record two – studio album

  1. Sysyphus (Parts 1-4) – Richard Wright
  2. Grantchester Meadows – Roger Waters
  3. Several species of small furry animals gathered together in a cave and grooving with a pict – Roger Waters
  4. The Narrow Way (Parts 1-3) – David Gilmour
  5. The Grand Vizier’s garden party (Part 1: Entrance; Part 2: Entertainment; Part 3: Exit – Nick Mason

On October 25, 1968.


On October 25, 1968, “Island” label released “This Was”, the debut Jethro Tull  album.  It was recorded June 1968 – August 1968, at “Sound Techniques” in London, and was produced by Terry Ellis and  Jethro Tull. This is the only studio album recorded with Mick Abrahams.


  • Ian Anderson– lead vocals, flute, mouth organ, “claghorn”, piano
  • Mick Abrahams– guitar, backing and lead vocals, nine-string guitar
  • Glenn Cornick– bass guitar
  • Clive Bunker– drums, hooter, charm bracelet
  • David Palmer– French horn, orchestral arrangements

Track listing:

  1. My Sunday Feeling – Ian Anderson
  2. Some Day the Sun Won’t Shine For You – Ian Anderson
  3. Beggar’s Farm – Mick Abrahams, Ian Anderson
  4. Move on Alone – Mick Abrahams
  5. Serenade to a Cuckoo – Roland Kirk
  6. Dharma for One – Ian Anderson, Clive Bunker
  7. It’s Breaking Me Up – Ian Anderson
  8. Cat’s Squirrel – Traditional, arranged by Mick Abrahams
  9. A Song for Jeffrey – Ian Anderson
  10. Round – Ian Anderson, Mick Abrahams, Clive Bunker, Glenn Cornick, Terry Ellis


On October 24, 1988.

Travelling Wilburs 1

On October 24, 1988, “Wilbury” label released “The Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1”, the debut album by the supergroup Traveling Wilburys. The album was recorded in April and May 1988, at the “FPSHOT”, “Lucky Studios” and “Dave Stewart Studios”, and was produced by Otis Wilbury and Nelson Wilbury.The album has been certified triple-platinum by “RIAA”.


  • Nelson Wilbury (George Harrison) – vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, slide guitar, backing vocals
  • Otis Wilbury (Jeff Lynne) – vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Charlie T. Wilbury Jr (Tom Petty) – vocals, bass, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
  • Lefty Wilbury (Roy Orbison) – vocals, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
  • Lucky Wilbury (Bob Dylan) – vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, backing vocals
  • Buster Sidebury (Jim Keltner) – drums
  • Jim Horn– saxophones
  • Steven Gwyther Jones – saxophone
  • Ray Cooper– percussion
  • Ian Wallace– tom-toms

All compositions by Traveling Wilburys.

  1. Handle with Care
  2. Dirty World
  3. Rattled
  4. Last Night
  5. Not Alone Any More
  6. Congratulations
  7. Heading for the Light
  8. Margarita
  9. Tweeter and the Monkey Man
  10. End of the Line


On October 24, 1988.


On October 24, 1988, “4AD” label released “The Serpent’s Egg”, the fourth Dead Can Dance studio album. Majority of “The Serpent’s Egg” was recorded at the Isle of Dogs in London, and was produced by Brendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard and John A. Rivers.


  • Lisa Gerrard– vocals
  • Brendan Perry– vocals, hurdy-gurdy
  • Andrew Beesley – viola
  • Sarah Buckley – viola
  • Tony Gamage – cello
  • Alison Harling – violin
  • Rebecca Jackson – violin
  • David Navarro Sust – vocals

Track listing:

All compositions by Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry.

  1. The Host of Seraphin
  2. Orbis de Ignis
  3. Severance
  4. The Writing on My Father’s Hand
  5. In the Kingdom of the Blind the One Eyed Are Kings
  6. Chant of the paladin
  7. Song of Sophia
  8. Echolalia
  9. Mother Tonhue
  10. Ullyses

On October 24, 1980.


On October 24, 1980, “Virgin” label released “Gentlemen Take Polaroids”, the fourth Japan studio album. “Gentlemen Take Polaroids” was recorded at the “Air Studios” and “Townhouse Studios” in London and was produced by John Punter.


  • David Sylvian– vocals, synthesizers, piano, electric guitar
  • Mick Karn– fretless bass guitar, oboe, saxophone, recorder
  • Steve Jansen– drums, synthesizer, percussion
  • Richard Barbieri– synthesizers, sequencer, piano
  • Rob Dean– guitar, ebow
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto– synthesizers
  • Simon House– violin
  • Cyo – vocals
  • Barry Guy– double bass
  • Andrew Cauthery – oboe

Track listing:

All compositions by David Sylvian, except as noted.

  1. Gentlemen Take Polaroids
  2. Swing
  3. Burning Bridges
  4. My New Career
  5. Methods of Dance
  6. Ain’t That Peculiar – Smokey Robinson, Warren ’Pete’ Moore, Marvin Tarplin and Bobby Rogers
  7. Nightporter
  8. Taking island in Africa – Ryuichi Sakamoto and David Sylvian

On October 24, 1975.

Roxy Music Siren

On October 24, 1975, “Island” label released “Siren”, the fifth Roxy Music album. “Siren” was recorded from June – September 1975, at the “Air Studios” in London and was produced by Chris Thomas. The album was ranked number 371 on Rolling Stone magazine’s 2003 list of The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.


  • Bryan Ferry– vocals, keyboards, harmonica
  • John Gustafson– bass
  • Eddie Jobson– violin, synthesizers, keyboards
  • Andy Mackay– oboe, saxophone
  • Phil Manzanera– guitar
  • Paul Thompson– drums

Track listing:

All compositions by Bryan Ferry except as noted.

  1. Love is the Drug – Brian Ferry and Andy Mackay
  2. End of the Line
  3. Sentimental Fool – Brian Ferry and Andy Mackay
  4. Whirlwind – Brian Ferry and Phil Manzanera
  5. She Sells – Brian Ferry and Eddie Jobson
  6. Could it Happen to Me?
  7. Both Ends Burning
  8. Nightingale – Brian Ferry and Phil Manzanera
  9. Just Another High

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