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In October 1974.

In October 1974, “Island” label released “The Mirror”, the seventh Spooky Tooth album. It was recorded in 1974, and was produced by Eddie Kramer, Gary Wright and Mick Jones.


  • Gary Wright– vocals, piano, clavinet, organ, moog synthesizer
  • Mike Patto– vocals, electric piano, clavinet, organ
  • Mick Jones– guitars, percussion, backing vocals
  • Val Burke – bass guitar, lead and backing vocals
  • Mike Kellie– drums, percussion
  • Bryson Graham– drums

Track listing:

  1. Fantasy Satisfier – Mick Jones, Gary Wright
  2. Two Time Love – Mick Jones, Mike Patto, Gary Wright
  3. Kyle – Gary Wright, Bill Elliott, Bob Purvis
  4. Women and Gold – Gary Wright
  5. Higher Circles – Gary Wright
  6. Hell or High Water – Mike Patto, Gary Wright
  7. I’m Alive – Gary Wright, T Wright
  8. The Mirror – Mick Jones, Mike Patto, Gary Wright
  9. The Hoofer – Mike Patto, Gary Wright

On November 2, 1973.


On November 2, 1973, “Chrysalis” label released “On the Road to Freedom”, the first Alvin Lee solo album. Lee recorded the album together with the gospel singer Mylon LeFevre, at “Space Studio”, Lee’s home studio in south Oxfordshire, which he and LeFevre built especially for this project. Lee was also the producer of the album.


  • Alvin Lee– lead, harmony and backing vocals; electric and acoustic guitars; bass; sitar; drums, mixing
  • Mylon LeFevre– lead, harmony and backing vocals; 6- and 12-string acoustic guitars; percussion; bass
  • George Harrison (as Hari Georgeson) – acoustic guitar, dobro, bass, harmony vocals
  • Ron Wood– electric and 12-string acoustic guitars, bass, slide guitar, drums
  • Steve Winwood– piano, electric piano
  • Tim Hinkley– piano, organ, backing vocals
  • Boz Burrell– bass, backing vocals
  • Bob Black– steel guitar
  • Andy Stein– fiddle
  • Ian Wallace– drums
  • Jim Capaldi– drums, percussion
  • Reebop Kwaku Baah– congas
  • Mick Fleetwood– drums
  • Mike Patto– backing vocals, percussion
  • Recording engineers: Harold Burgon, Andy Jaworski
  • Photography: Andy Jaworski, Roger Lowe

Track listing:

  1. On the Road to Freedom – Alvin Lee
  2. The World Is Changing (I Got a Woman Back in Georgia) – Alvin Lee, Mylon LeFevre
  3. So Sad (No Love of His Own) – George Harrison
  4. Fallen Angel – Alvin Lee
  5. Funny – Alvin Lee
  6. We Will Shine – Mylon LeFevre
  7. Carry My Load – Mylon Lee
  8. Lay Me Back – Mylon LeFevre
  9. Let ‘Em Say What They Will – Ron Wood
  10. I Can’t Take It – Mylon LeFevre
  11. Riffin – Alvin Lee, Mylon LeFevre
  12. Rockin’ ‘Til the Sun Goes Down – Alvin Lee, Mylon LeFevre

On March 4, 1979.

Mike Patto

On March 4, 1979, Michael Thomas McCarthy aka Mike Patto died aged 36. Being singer and musician, he was best known as vocalist and frontman of The Bo Street Runners, member of Timebox, his own band Patto and Dick and the Firemen. In 1974, Patto joined Spooky Tooth as vocalist and keyboard player. He was also a founding member of the band Boxer. Jim Capaldi dedicated Patto his song “Bright Fighter”.