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On September 10, 1984.

On September 10, 1984, “Beggars Banquet” label released “Dreamtime”, the debut  Cult album. It was recorded in 1984, and was produced by John Brand and Chris Kimsey.


  • Ian Astbury– vocals
  • Billy Duffy– guitar
  • Jamie Stewart– bass, backing vocals
  • Nigel Preston– drums, percussion
  • Mich Ebeling – backing vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy, except where noted.

  1. Horse Nation
  2. Spiritwalker
  3. 83rd Dream
  4. Butterflies
  5. Go West (Crazy Spinning Circles)
  6. Gimmick
  7. A Flower in the Desert – Ian Astbury, Barry Jepson, David Burroughs, Haq Qureshi
  8. Dreamtime
  9. Rider in the Snow
  10. Bad Medicine Walt

In July 1981.

In July 1981, “Warner Bros” label released “Dreamtime”, the second Tom Verlaine solo studio album. It was recorded in 1981, at “A&R”, “RPM” and “Penny Lane Studios” in New York City, and was produced by Tom Verlaine.


  • Tom Verlaine – guitars, bass, vocals
  • Ritchie Fliegler – guitars
  • Fred Smith– bass
  • Donnie Nossov – bass
  • Jay Dee Daugherty– drums
  • Rich Teeter– drums
  • Bruce Brody– keyboards
  • Robert Clifford – engineer
  • David Chenkin, John Terelle, Steve Ett – assistant engineers
  • George Delmerico – design
  • James Hamilton – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Tom Verlaine.

  1. There’s a Reason
  2. Penetration
  3. Always
  4. The Blue Robe
  5. Without a Word
  6. Mr Blur
  7. Fragile
  8. A Future in Noise
  9. Down on the Farm
  10. Mary Marie

On October 17, 1989.


On October 17, 1986, “Epic” label released “Dreamtime”, the ninth Stranglers album.  It was recorded in March-April 1986, at the “Spaceward Studios” in Cambridge, and was produced by Mike Kemp and Jet Black, Jean-Jacques Burnel, Hugh Cornwell and Dave Greenfield.


  • Jet Black- drums, percussion
  • Jean-Jacques Burnel- bass, vocals
  • Hugh Cornwell- guitar, vocals
  • Dave Greenfield- keyboards, backing vocals
  • Alex Gifford– saxophone
  • Hilary Kops– trumpet
  • Martin Veysey– trumpet
  • J. Cole- pedal steel guitar
  • Simon Morton- additional percussion

Track listing:

All tracks by The Stranglers

  1. Always the Sun
  2. Dreamtime
  3. Was It You?
  4. You’ll Always Reap What You Sow
  5. Ghost Train
  6. Nice in Nice
  7. Big in America
  8. Shakin’ Like a Leaf
  9. Mayan Skies
  10. Too Precious