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On March 27, 1972.

On March 27, 1972, “Dunhill” label released “Seven Separate Fools”, the eighth Three Dog Night album. It was recorded in 1972, and was produced by Richard Podolor.


  • Mike Allsup– guitar
  • Jimmy Greenspoon– keyboards
  • Danny Hutton– lead and background vocals
  • Chuck Negron– lead and background vocals
  • Joe Schermie– bass guitar
  • Floyd Sneed– drums
  • Cory Wells– lead and background vocals
  • Patrick Sullivan – cello
  • Gary Itri – acoustic guitar
  • Ed Caraeff- art direction, photography, design concept
  • David Larkham – graphics, typography, design concept

Track listing:

  1. Black and White – David I. Arkin, Earl Robinson
  2. My Old Kentucky Home (Turpentine and Dandelion Wine) – Randy Newman
  3. Prelude to Morning – Jimmy Greenspoon
  4. Pieces of April – Dave Loggins
  5. Going in Circles – Jaiananda, Ted Myers
  6. Chained – Russ Ballard
  7. Tulsa Turnaround – Larry Collins, Alex Harvey
  8. In Bed – Tom Baird, Lynn Henderson, Wes Henderson
  9. Freedom for the Stallion – Allen Toussaint
  10. The Writing’s on the Wall – Domenic Troiano
  11. Midnight Runaway – Gary Itri

In October 1972.

In October 1972, “ABC” label released “Passin’ Thru”, the fifth James Gang studio album. It was recorded in 1972, and was produced by Keith Olsen.


  • Roy Kenner- lead vocals, harmonica, percussion
  • Domenic Troiano- guitars, backing vocals
  • Dale Peters- bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Jim Fox- drums, backing vocals, organ
  • David Briggs- piano
  • Charlie McCoy– harmonica
  • Weldon Myrick- pedal steel guitar
  • Craig Sapphin- all strings, arrangements
  • William D. “Smitty” Smith- piano, organ, harpsichord

Track listing:

All tracks by Roy Kenner & Domenic Troiano, except where noted.

  1. Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet
  2. One Way Street – Domenic Troiano
  3. Had Enough – Roy Kenner
  4. Up to Yourself – Domenic Troiano
  5. Everybody Needs a Hero
  6. Run Run Run
  7. Things I Want to Say to You
  8. Out of Control
  9. Drifting Girl

In July 1975.

In July 1975, “RCA Victor” label released “Power in the Music”, the fifteenth and final  Guess Who album. It was recorded in March 1975, and was produced by Jack Richardson.


  • Burton Cummings– lead vocals, keyboards
  • Garry Peterson– drums, backing vocals
  • Domenic Troiano– guitars, backing vocals
  • Bill Wallace– bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Brian Christian – engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by Burton Cummings and Domenic Troiano.

  1. Down and Out Woman
  2. Women
  3. When the Band Was Singin’ (Shakin’ All Over)
  4. Dreams
  5. Rich World/Poor World
  6. Rosanne
  7. Coors for Sunday
  8. Shopping Bag Lady
  9. Power in the Music

In July 1972.

In July 1972, “ABC” label released “Straight Shooter’, the fourth James Gang studio album. It was recorded in 1972, at “Quadrafonic Sound Studios” in Nashville, Tennessee, and was produced by Roy Kenner, Domenic Trojano, Dale Peters and Jim Fox.


  • Roy Kenner– lead vocals, percussion
  • Domenic Troiano– guitars, backing and lead vocals
  • Dale Peters– bass guitar, backing vocals, percussion
  • Jim Fox– drums, backing vocals, percussion, keyboards
  • Sheldon Kurland– violin
  • Glen Spreen – strings
  • Gene Eichelberger – engineering, remixing
  • Jim Flournoy Holmes- cover artwork
  • David Powell – cover artwork

Track listing:

All tracks by Roy Kenner and Domenic Troiano, except where noted.

  1. Madness
  2. Kick Back Man
  3. Get Her Back Again – Domenic Trojano
  4. Looking for My Lady
  5. Getting Old – Domenic Trojano
  6. I’ll Tell You Why – Dale Peters, Domenic Trojano
  7. Hairy Hypochondriac – Roy Kenner,Dale Peters,Domenic  Troiano
  8. Let Me Come Home – Dale Peters, Domenic Trojano
  9. My Door is Open