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On November 10, 1980.

On November 10, 1980, “Mercury” label released “As One”, the eleventh Bar Kays album. It was recorded in 1980, at “Ardent Recording Studios” in Memphis, Tennessee, and was produced by Allen Jones.


  • Larry Dodson – vocals
  • Winston Stewart – keyboards
  • Lloyd Smith – guitar
  • James Alexander – bass
  • Mike Beard – drums
  • Charles “Scoops” Allen – trumpet
  • Harvey Henderson – saxophone
  • Frank Thompson – trombone

Track listing:

  1. As One
  2. Say It Through Love
  3. Body Fever
  4. Work It Out
  5. Boogie Body Land
  6. Take The Time To Love Somebody
  7. Open Your Heart
  8. Deliver Us

On January 19, 1993.

Juliet letters

On January 19, 1993, “Warner Bros” label released “The Juliet Letters”, the fourteen Elvis Costello studio album.  It was recorded in 1992, and was produced by The Brodsky Quartet, Elvis Costello and and Kevin Killen.


  • Declan MacManus (Elvis Costello)– vocal

The Brodsky String Quartet

  • Ian Belton– violin
  • Michael Thomas– violin
  • Paul Cassidy– viola
  • Jaqueline Thomas– cello

Track listing:

All tracks by Declan MacManus, except where noted.

  1. Deliver Us
  2. For Other Eyes – MacManus,Paul Cassidy, Marina Thomas
  3. Swine – Declan MacManus, Paul Cassidy
  4. Expert Rites
  5. Dead Letter – Paul Cassidy
  6. I Almost Had a Weakness – Declan MacManus, Michael Thomas
  7. Why? – Declan MacManus, Ian Belton
  8. Who Do You Think You Are? – Declan MacManus, Marina Thomas, Michael Thomas
  9. Taking My Life in Your Hands – Declan MacManus,Jaqueline Thomas, Marina.Thomas, Paul Cassidy
  10. This Offer Is Unrepeatable – Declan MacManus, Paul Cassidy, Ian Belton, Jaqueline Thomas, Michael Thomas
  11. Dear Sweet Filthy World – Declan MacManus, Ian Belton, Marina Thomas
  12. The Letter Home – Declan MacManus, Ian Belton, Paul Cassidy
  13. Jacksons, Monk and Rowe – Declan MacManus, Jaqueline Thomas, Michael Thomas
  14. This Sad Burlesque – Declan MacManus, Paul Cassidy
  15. Romeo’s Séance – Declan MacManus, Marina Thomas, Michael Thomas
  16. I Thought I’d Write to Juliet
  17. Last Post – Michael Thomas, traditional
  18. The First to Leave
  19. Damnation’s Cellar
  20. The Birds Will Still Be Singing