On November 9, 1973.

santana - Welcome

On November 9, 1973, “Columbia” label released “Welcome”, the fifth Santana studio album.  It was recorded from April to June 1973, and was produced by Tom Coster, Michael Shrieve and Carlos Santana.


  • Carlos Santana– electric and acoustic guitars , bass, kalimba, percussion , vocals
  • Tom Coster- organ, piano , marimba, percussion , strings arrangements
  • Richard Kermode – organ, mellotron, piano, marimba, shekere, percussion
  • Douglas Rauch– guitar
  • Michael Shrieve– drums
  • José “Chepito” Areas– percussion, congas, timbales
  • Armando Peraza– percussion, congas , bongos, cabasa
  • Leon Thomas– lead vocals, whistling
  • Wendy Haas– vocals
  • Flora Purim– lead vocals
  • John McLaughlin– guitar
  • Joe Farrell– flute
  • Bob Yance – flute
  • Mel Martin – flute
  • Douglas Rodriguez – rhythm guitar
  • Tony Smith– drums
  • Jules Broussard – soprano saxophone
  • Greg Adams – strings arrangements

Track listing

  1. Going Home – Spiritualadapted from Antonín Dvořák’s “New World Symphony”; arr. by Alice Coltrane, Santana Band
  2. Love, Devotion and Surrender – Carlos Santana, Richard Kermode
  3. Samba de Sausalito – Jose Areas
  4. When I Look Into Your Eyes – Michael Shrieve, Tom Coster
  5. Yours Is the Light – Richard Kermode
  6. Mother Africa – Herbie Mann
  7. Light of Life – Richard Kermode, Carlos Santana, Tom Coster
  8. Flame – Sky – John McLaughlin, Doug Rauch, Carlos Santana
  9. Welcome – John Coltrane

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