On November 9, 1973.

Billy Joel - Piano Man

On November 9, 1973, “Family Productions / Columbia” label released “Piano Man”, the second Billy Joel studio album. It was recorded in September 1973, at the “Devonshire Sound” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Michael Stewart.


  • Billy Joel – vocals, harmonica, keyboards, piano
  • Larry Carlton– guitar
  • Richard Bennett– guitar
  • Dean Parks– guitar
  • Fred Heilbrun – banjo
  • Eric Weissberg– banjo
  • Michael Omartian– accordion
  • Wilton Felder– bass
  • Emory Gordy, Jr.– bass
  • Ron Tutt– drums
  • Rhys Clark – drums
  • Billy Armstrong – violin
  • Susan Steward – backing vocals
  • Laura Creamer– backing vocals
  • Mark Creamer – backing vocals

Track listing

All tracks by Billy Joel.

  1. Travelin’ Prayer
  2. Piano Man
  3. Ain’t No Crime
  4. You’re My Home
  5. The Ballad of Billy the Kid
  6. Worse Comes to Worst
  7. Stop in Nevada
  8. If I Only Had the Words to Tell You
  9. Somewhere along the Line
  10. Captain Jack

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