On November 9, 1981.

Men_at_Work - Business_as_Usual

On November 9, 1981, “CBS” label released “Business as Usual”, the debut Man at Work album. It was recorded March – September 1981, and was produced by Peter McIan. The album featured two big hits, “Who Can It Be Now” and “Down Under” and became one of the most successful albums by Australian artists ever, selling in more than 15 million copies worldwide.


  • Greg Ham – lead and backing vocals, flute, keyboards, saxophone
  • Colin Hay – lead vocals, guitar
  • Ron Strykert- lead and backing vocals, guitar
  • John Rees -bass, background vocals
  • Jerry Speiser- drums, background vocals
  • Jon “JD” Dickson – cover illustration

Track listing

  1. Who Can It Be Now – Colin Hay
  2. I Can See It In Your Eyes – Colin Hay
  3. Down Under – Colin Hay and Ron Strykert
  4. Underground – Colin Hay
  5. Helpless Automaton – Greg Ham
  6. People Just Love to Play With Words – Ron Strykert
  7. Be Good Johnny – Colin Hay, Ron Strykert
  8. Touching the Untouchables – Colin Hay, Ron Strykert
  9. Catch a Star – Colin Hay
  10. Down by the Sea – Colin Hay, Ron Strykert, Greg Ham, Jerry Speiser

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