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In January 1967.

In January 1967, “Impulse” label released “Kulu Sé Mama”,the 24th John Coltrane album. It was recorded June 10 – 16, 1965, at “Van Gelder Studio” in Englewood Cliffs, NJ, October 14, 1965, at “Western Recorders” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Bob Thiele.


  • John Coltrane— tenor saxophone
  • Pharoah Sanders— tenor saxophone, percussion
  • McCoy Tyner— piano
  • Jimmy Garrison— double bass
  • Donald Rafael Garrett — bass clarinet, double bass, percussion
  • Frank Butler—drums, vocals
  • Elvin Jones— drums
  • Juno Lewis — vocals, percussion, conchshell, hand drums

Track listing:

  1. Kulu Sé Mama (Juno Sé Mama)
  2. Vigil
  3. Welcome



On January 29, 1990.

Fish Vigil

On January 29, 1990, “EMI” label released “Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors” the debut Fish solo album. It was recorded in 1989, and was produced by Jon Kelly.


  • Fish (Derek W. Dick)- all vocals
  • Frank Usher- guitars
  • Hal Lindes- guitars
  • Janick Gers- guitars
  • John Giblin- bass guitars
  • Mickey Simmonds– keyboards, piano, drum programming
  • Davy Spillane– pipes, whistles
  • Phil Cunningham- whistles; accordion; bodhrán
  • Aly Bain- violin
  • Gavyn Wright- violin
  • Alison Jones – violin
  • Mark Brzezicki- drums
  • John Keeble- drums
  • Luís Jardim- percussion
  • Carol Kenyon, Tessa Niles- backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. Vigil – Dereck W. Dick, Mickey Simmonds
  2. Big Wedge = Dereck W. Dick, Mickey Simmonds
  3. State of Mind – Dereck W. Dick, Hal Lindes, Mickey Simmonds
  4. The Company – Dereck W. Dick, Mickey Simmonds
  5. A Gentleman’s Excuse Me –Dereck W. Dick, Mickey Simmonds
  6. Family Business – Dereck W. Dick, Hal Lindes, Mickey Simmonds
  7. View From The Hill – Dereck W. Dick, Janick Gers
  8. Cliché – Dereck W. Dick, Hal Lindes, Mickey Simmonds