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In October 1972.

In October 1972, “Avco” label released “Round 2” is the second Stylistics (The) studio album. It was recorded in 1972, at “Sigma Sound Studios” in Philadelphia, and was produced by Thom Bell.


  • Russell Thompkins, Jr. – lead vocals
  • Airrion Love, James Smith, Herb Murrell, James Dunn – backing vocals
  • Linda Creed, Barbara Ingram – additional backing vocals
  • Norman Harris, Roland Chambers, Tony Bell, Eli Tartarsky – guitar
  • Thom Bell – piano, harpsichord
  • Joe DeAngelis, Stephanie Fauber, Robert Martin – French horn
  • Rocco Bene, Bobby Hartzell – trumpet
  • Jack Faith – alto saxophone, flute
  • George Shaw – flute
  • Vincent Forchetti, Bob Moore, Richard Genevese – trombone
  • Don Renaldo, Tony Sinagoga, Albert Berone, Rudy Malizia, Angelo Pretrella, Romeo Di Stefano, Charles Apollonia, Davis Barnett, Richard Jones, Herschel Wise – strings
  • Mary Gale – harp
  • Fredric Cohen – oboe
  • Ronnie Baker – bass
  • Earl Young – drums
  • Larry Washington – congas
  • Vince Montana – percussion

Track listing:

All tracks by Thom Bell and Linda Creed, except where noted.

  1. I’m Stone in Love with You – Thom Bell, Linda Creed, Anthony Bell
  2. If You Don’t Watch Out
  3. You and Me
  4. It’s Too Late – Carole King, Toni Stern
  5. Children of the Night
  6. You’ll Never Get to Heaven (If You Break My Heart) – Burt Bacharach, Hal David
  7. Break Up to Make Up – Thom Bell, Linda Creed, Kenneth Gamble
  8. Peek-a-Boo – Gregory Guess, Norman Knox
  9. You’re asd Right as Rain
  10. Pieces

In December 1974.

In December 1974, “Atco” label released “The Magic of the Blue”, the second Blue Magic album. It was recorded in 1974, at “Sigma Sound Studios” in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and was produced by Norman Harris and Bobby Eli.


  • Blue Magic – Vernon Sawyer, Richard Pratt, Keith Beaton, Wendell Sawyer, Ted Mills
  • Bobby Eli, Roland Chambers, Norman Harris, Tony Bell – guitar
  • Ted Mills, Ron Kersey, Cotton Kent – pianos
  • Rusty Jackmon, Ron Baker, Bob Babbitt– bass
  • Earl Young, Charles Collins, John Nero – drums
  • Larry Washington – congas
  • Vince Montana– vibraphone
  • Life – harmonica solo
  • Don Renaldo and his Strings and Horns – strings and horns accompaniment
  • Ted Mills – sound effects
  • Norman Harris, Bobby Eli– arrangement
  • Alan Rubens, Steven Bernstein, Bruce Gable – executive producers
  • Carl Paruolo, Joe Tarsia, Kenny Present, Don Murray, Jay Mark – recording engineers
  • Ron Kersey, Vince Montana, Jack Faith – arrangement
  • Carl Helm, Phil Hurtt, Bunny Sigler, Barbara Ingram, Evette Benton, Carla Benson, Ted Mills, Wendall Sawyer, Darryl Grant – vocal arrangement

Track listing:

  1. Three Ring Circus – Bobby Eli, Vinnie Barrett
  2. Stringin’ Me Along – Norman Harris, Pat Cooper, Ronnie Tyson
  3. You Don’t Have to Tell Me Goodbye – Norman Harris, Vinnie Barrett, James Hendricks
  4. Never Get Over You – Norman Harris, Allan Felder
  5. Talking to Myself – Bobby Eli, Vinnie Barrett
  6. Let Me Be the One – Norman Harris, Allan Felder, Chuck Brooks
  7. Maybe Just Maybe (We Can Fall in Love Again) – Morris Bailey, Jr., Edward Green
  8. Love Has Found Its Way to Me – Bobby Eli, Allan Waldman
  9. When Ya Coming Home – Ted Mills, Allan Felder
  10. Looking for a Friend – Ted Mills

In August 1975.

In August 1975, “Atlantic” label released “Pick of the Litter”, the sixth Spinners studio album. It was recorded in 1975, at “Sigma Sound Studios” in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and was produced by Thom Bell.


  • Billy Henderson, Bobby Smith, Philippé Wynne, Henry Fambrough, Pervis Jackson– vocals
  • Barbara Ingram, Carla Benson, Evette Benton – backing vocals
  • MFSB– strings, horns
  • Tony Bell, Bobby Eli, Don Murray – guitars
  • Thom Bell– keyboards
  • Bob Babbitt– bass guitar
  • Andrew Smith – drums
  • Larry Washington – congas, bongos

Track listing:

  1. Honest I Do – Sherman Marshall, Philip Pugh, Thom Bell
  2. I Don’t Want to Lose You – Linda Creed, Thom Bell
  3. Love or Leave – Charles Simmons, Bruce Hawes, Joseph B. Jefferson
  4. Sweet Love of Mine – Vinnie Barrett, Bobby Eli
  5. All That Glitters Ain’t Gold – Philip Terry, Theodore Life, Talmadge Conway
  6. You Made a Promise to Me – Charles Simmons, Bruce Hawes, Joseph B. Jefferson
  7. Games People Play – Joseph B. Jefferson, Bruce Hawes, Charles Simmons
  8. Just as Long as We Have Love – Vinnie Barrett, Bruce Hawes