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UFO: You Are Here

On March 16, 2004, “SPV/Steamhammer” label released “You Are Here”, the seventeenth UFO studio album. It was recorded in 2003, at “Area 51 Studios” in Celle, Germany, and was produced by Tommy Newton.


  • Phil Mogg – vocals
  • Vinnie Moore – guitars
  • Paul Raymond – keyboards
  • Pete Way – bass guitar
  • Jason Bonham – drums, backing vocals
  • Tommy Newton – engineer, mixing

Track listing:

All tracks by Phil Moog and Vinnie Moore, except where noted.

  1. When Daylight Goes to Town
  2. Black Cold Coffee
  3. The Wild One
  4. Give It Up – Phil Moog, Vinnie Moore, Pete Way
  5. Call Me
  6. Slipping Away
  7. The Spark That Is Us – Phil Moog, Jason Bonham, Vinnie Moore, Paul Raymond
  8. Sympathy – Paul Raymond
  9. Mr. Freeze
  10. Jello Man
  11. Baby Blue
  12. Swallow – Phil Moog, Vinnie Moore, Jason Bonham

Whitesnake: Good To Be Bad

On April 21, 2008, “SPV/Steamhammer” label released “Good to Be Bad” the tenth Whitesnake studio album. It was recorded in 2007, at “Casa DALA” and “Clear Lake Audio” in Los Angeles, “Snakebyte Studios” in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and was produced by David Coverdale and Doug Aldric. The “Dinosaur Rock Guitar” forum  honored “Good to Be Bad” at 2008 “Dino Award” for “Best Album of the Year”.


  • David Coverdale – vocals, recording, mixing
  • Doug Aldrich – guitars, recording, mixing
  • Reb Beach – guitars
  • Timothy Drury – keyboards
  • Uriah Duffy – bass
  • Chris Frazier – drums
  • David Donnelly – mastering

Track listing:

All tracks by David Coverdale and Doug Aldrich.

  1. Best Years
  2. Can You Hear the Wind Blow
  3. Call on Me
  4. All I Want All I Need
  5. Good to Be Bad
  6. All for Love
  7. Summer Rain
  8. Lay Down Your Love
  9. A Fool in Love
  10. Got What You Need
  11. Til the End of Time

On February 23, 2015.


On February 23, 2015, “SPV/Steamhammer” label released “A Conspiracy of Stars”, the twenty-first UFO album. It was recorded in 2014, at “Ecology Room Studios” in Kent, and at “The Core” in USA, and was produced Chris Tsangarides,


  • Phil Mogg– vocals
  • Vinnie Moore– guitars
  • Paul Raymond– keyboards
  • Rob De Luca– bass
  • Andy Parker– drums
  • Chris Tsangarides – recording, mixing
  • Helge Engelke – mastering
  • Tristan Greatrex – artwork

Track listing:

  1. The Killing Kind – Rob De Luca, Phil Mogg
  2. Run Boy Run – Vinnie Moore, Phil Mogg
  3. Ballad of the Left Hand Gun – Vinnie Moore, Phil Mogg
  4. Sugar Cane – Vinnie Moore, Phil Mogg
  5. Devil’s in the Detail – Vinnie Moore, Phil Mogg
  6. Precious Cargo – Vinnie Moore, Phil Mogg
  7. The Real Deal – Paul Raymond, Phil Mogg
  8. One and Only – Rob De Luca, Phil Mogg
  9. Messiah of Love – Vinnie Moore, Phil Mogg
  10. Rollin’ Rollin – Vinnie Moore, Phil Mogg