On February 23, 2015.


On February 23, 2015, “SPV/Steamhammer” label released “A Conspiracy of Stars”, the twenty-first UFO album. It was recorded in 2014, at “Ecology Room Studios” in Kent, and at “The Core” in USA, and was produced Chris Tsangarides,


  • Phil Mogg– vocals
  • Vinnie Moore– guitars
  • Paul Raymond– keyboards
  • Rob De Luca– bass
  • Andy Parker– drums
  • Chris Tsangarides – recording, mixing
  • Helge Engelke – mastering
  • Tristan Greatrex – artwork

Track listing:

  1. The Killing Kind – Rob De Luca, Phil Mogg
  2. Run Boy Run – Vinnie Moore, Phil Mogg
  3. Ballad of the Left Hand Gun – Vinnie Moore, Phil Mogg
  4. Sugar Cane – Vinnie Moore, Phil Mogg
  5. Devil’s in the Detail – Vinnie Moore, Phil Mogg
  6. Precious Cargo – Vinnie Moore, Phil Mogg
  7. The Real Deal – Paul Raymond, Phil Mogg
  8. One and Only – Rob De Luca, Phil Mogg
  9. Messiah of Love – Vinnie Moore, Phil Mogg
  10. Rollin’ Rollin – Vinnie Moore, Phil Mogg

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