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On April 1, 2016.

On April 1, 2016, “Domino” label released “Everything You’ve Come to Expect”, the second Last Shadow Puppets album. It was recorded in 2015, at “Shangri La Studios” in Malibu, CA, and was produced by James Ford.


  • Miles Kane– lead and backing vocals; electric and acoustic guitar; saxophone
  • Alex Turner– lead and backing vocals; acoustic, electric, twelve-string, and baritone guitars; keyboards; percussion
  • Zach Dawes– bass guitar; percussion; guitar; keyboards
  • James Ford– drums, percussion, keyboards
  • Matt Helders– backing vocals
  • Owen Pallett– string arrangements, conducting
  • Alwyn Wright, Amy Wickman, Chris Bautista, Chris Woods, Daphne Chen, Eric Gorfrain, Gina Kronstadt, Leah Katz, Marisa Kuney, Nick Daley – violin
  • Rodney Wirtz – viola
  • John Krovoza, Peggy Baldwin, Richard Dodd – cello
  • Ian Walker – contrabass
  • Sara Andon – flute
  • Stephanie O’Keefe – French horn
  • Sean Oakley – engineering
  • Brian Lucey – mastering
  • Tchad Blake– mixing
  • Ross Hogarth – orchestra recording
  • Matt Helders, Taylor Bagley, Zackery Michael, Ben Chappell – booklet photography
  • Jack Robinson – cover photography
  • Matthew Cooper – design

Track listing:

All lyrics by Alex Turner and Miles Kane, except where noted; all musi by Miles Kane, Alex Turner, Zach Daves and James Ford, except where noted.

  1. Aviation
  2. Miracle Aligner – Alex Turner, Alexandra Savior
  3. Dracula Teeth
  4. Everything You’ve Come to Expect
  5. The Element of Surprise
  6. Bad Habits
  7. Sweet Dreams, TN
  8. Used to Be My Girl
  9. She Does the Woods
  10. Pattern
  11. The Dream Synopsis



On March 31, 2017.

On March 31, 2017, “SuperEgo” label released “Mental Illness”, the ninth Aimee Mann studio album. It was recorded in 2017, and was produced by Paul Bryan. On January 28, 2018, the album won “Grammy Award” for “Best Folk Album.


  • Aimee Mann– lead vocals, bass, acoustic guitar, percussion
  • Ted Leo– background vocals
  • Paul Bryan– bass, background vocals
  • Jonathan Coulton– acoustic guitar, background vocals
  • Jay Bellerose– drums, other percussion
  • Jamie Edwards – piano, harmonium, acoustic guitar, 12 string guitar
  • Eric Gorfain, Marisa Kyney, Amy Wickman, Gina Kronstadt, Terry Glenny, Radu Piepta, Susan Chatman – violin
  • Leah Katz Aaron Oltman, Rodney Wirtz – viola
  • Richard Dodd, John Krovoza, Peggy Baldwin – cello

Track listing:

  1. Goose Snow Cone
  2. Stuck in the Past
  3. You Never Loved Me
  4. Rollercoasters
  5. Lies of Summer
  6. Patient Zero
  7. Good for Me
  8. Knock It Off
  9. Philly Sinks
  10. Simple Fix
  11. Poor Judge

On March 9, 2010.

On March 9, 2010, “Columbia” label released the self-titled, debut Broken Bells album. It was recorded 2009 – 2010, at “Mondo Studio” in Los Angeles, “Glenwood Place Studios” in Burbank, California, and was produced by Danger Mouse (Brian Burton).


  • Brian Burton– organ, synthesizer, bass guitar,  piano,  drums,  programming
  • James Mercer– bass guitar, guitars, vocals
  • Christopher J. Tedesco, Philip Vaiman, Jessica van Velzen, Jennifer Walton, John Wittenberg, Alwyn Wright, Adriana Zoppo, Carolyn Osborn, Michele Nardone, Miriam Mayer, Peter Kent, Johana Krejci, Calabria McChesney,Peggy Baldwin, Alisha Bauer, Ruth Bruegger, Ronald Clark, Yvette Devereaux, Kirstin Fife, Stefanie Fife, Vanessa Freebairn-Smith, Ilona Geller, Neel Hammond, Margot Aldcroft – strings
  • Daniele Luppi – string conductor
  • Jeff Antebi– artists, repertoire, artist development
  • Kennie Takahashi – programming, engineer, mixing
  • Stephen Marcussen– mastering engineer
  • Todd Monfalcone – engineer, mixing assistant
  • Jacob Escobedo – artwork, design, layout
  • Frank W. Ockenfels – photography
  • Anton Riehl – score preparation

Track listing:

All tracks by James Mercer and Brian Burton.

  1. The High Road
  2. Vaporize
  3. Your Head Is on Fire
  4. The Ghost Inside
  5. Sailing to Nowhere
  6. Trap Doors
  7. Citizen
  8. October
  9. Mongrel Heart
  10. The Mall & Misery

On September 2, 2008.

On September 2, 2008, “Capitol” label released “That Lucky Old Sun”, the eighth Brian Wilson album. It was recorded January – April 2008, and was produced by Brian Wilson.


  • Brian Wilson- keyboards, piano, lead vocals
  • Peggy Baldwin– cello
  • Scott Bennett – bass, keyboards, spanish guitar, vibraphone, background vocals
  • Nelson Bragg– percussion, background vocals
  • Phil Feather – woodwinds
  • Jeffrey Foskett- guitar, ukulele, background vocals
  • Probyn Gregory- French horn, guitar, trumpet, background vocals
  • Peter Kent – violin
  • Bob Lizik – bass
  • Taylor Mills – background vocals
  • Tommy Morgan – harmonica
  • Bruce Otto – trombone
  • Darian Sahanaja- bells, keyboards, background vocals
  • Brett Simmons – bass
  • Cameron Stone– cello
  • Todd Sucherman– drums
  • Jessica van Velzen – viola
  • Nick Walusko – guitar, background vocals

Track listing:

  1. That Lucky Old Sun – Beasley Smith, Haven Gillespie
  2. Morning Beat – Brian Wilson, Scott Bennett
  3. A Room With a View (narrative) – Brian Wilson, Van Dyke Parks
  4. Good Kind of Love – Brian Wilson
  5. Forever She’ll Be My Surfer Girl – Brian Wilson, Scott Bennett
  6. Venice Beach (narrative) – Brian Wilson, Van Dyke Parks
  7. Live Let Live / That Lucky Old Sun (reprise) – Brian Wilson, Van Dyke Parks, Beasley Smith, Haven Gillespie
  8. Mexican Girl – Brian Wilson, Scott Bennett
  9. Cinco de Mayo (narrative) – Brian Wilson, Van Dyke Parks
  10. California Role / That Lucky Old Sun (reprise) – Brian Wilson, Van Dyke Parks, Beasley Smith, Haven Gillespie
  11. Between Pictures (narrative) – Brian Wilson, Van Dyke Parks
  12. Oxygen to the Brain – Brian Wilson, Scott Bennett
  13. Can’t Wait Too Long – Brian Wilson
  14. Midnight’s Another Day – Brian Wilson, Scott Bennett
  15. That Lucky Old Sun (Reprise) – Beasley Smith, Haven Gillespie
  16. Going Home – Brian Wilson, Scott Bennett
  17. Southern California – Brian Wilson, Scott Bennett