On March 9, 2010.

On March 9, 2010, “Columbia” label released the self-titled, debut Broken Bells album. It was recorded 2009 – 2010, at “Mondo Studio” in Los Angeles, “Glenwood Place Studios” in Burbank, California, and was produced by Danger Mouse (Brian Burton).


  • Brian Burton– organ, synthesizer, bass guitar,  piano,  drums,  programming
  • James Mercer– bass guitar, guitars, vocals
  • Christopher J. Tedesco, Philip Vaiman, Jessica van Velzen, Jennifer Walton, John Wittenberg, Alwyn Wright, Adriana Zoppo, Carolyn Osborn, Michele Nardone, Miriam Mayer, Peter Kent, Johana Krejci, Calabria McChesney,Peggy Baldwin, Alisha Bauer, Ruth Bruegger, Ronald Clark, Yvette Devereaux, Kirstin Fife, Stefanie Fife, Vanessa Freebairn-Smith, Ilona Geller, Neel Hammond, Margot Aldcroft – strings
  • Daniele Luppi – string conductor
  • Jeff Antebi– artists, repertoire, artist development
  • Kennie Takahashi – programming, engineer, mixing
  • Stephen Marcussen– mastering engineer
  • Todd Monfalcone – engineer, mixing assistant
  • Jacob Escobedo – artwork, design, layout
  • Frank W. Ockenfels – photography
  • Anton Riehl – score preparation

Track listing:

All tracks by James Mercer and Brian Burton.

  1. The High Road
  2. Vaporize
  3. Your Head Is on Fire
  4. The Ghost Inside
  5. Sailing to Nowhere
  6. Trap Doors
  7. Citizen
  8. October
  9. Mongrel Heart
  10. The Mall & Misery

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