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In July 1973.

In July 1973, “ABC” label released “Countdown to Ecstasy”, the second Steely Dan studio album. It was recorded in 1973, at “Caribou Ranch” in Nederland, “The Village Recorder” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Gary Katz. The cover painting was by Dorothy White.


  • Donald Fagen– acoustic and electric pianos, synthesizer, lead vocals
  • Walter Becker– electric bass, harmonica, background vocals
  • Denny Dias– electric guitar, mixing
  • Jeff “Skunk” Baxter– electric and pedal steel guitars
  • Jim Hodder– drums, percussion, background vocals
  • Ray Brown– string bass
  • Ben Benay– acoustic guitar
  • Rick Derringer– slide guitar
  • Victor Feldman– vibraphone, marimba, percussion
  • Ernie Watts, Johnny Rotella, Lanny Morgan, Bill Perkins– saxophones
  • Sherlie Matthews, Myrna Matthews, Patricia Hall, David Palmer, James Rolleston, Michael Fennelly– background vocals
  • Engineer: Roger Nichols
  • Assistant engineer: Miss Natalie
  • Album design: Dotty of Hollywood
  • Photography: Ed Caraeff

Track listing:

All tracks by Walter Becker and Donald Fagen.

  1. Bodhisattva
  2. Razor Boy
  3. The Boston Rag
  4. Your Gold Teeth
  5. Show Biz Kids
  6. My Old School
  7. Pearl of the Quarter
  8. King of the World

In July 1968.

In July 1968, “Columbia” label released “Begin”, the only Millennium studio album. It was recorded in 1968, at “Columbia Studios”, and was produced by Curt Boettcher and Keith Olsen.


  • Curt Boettcher– performer
  • Ron Edgar – performer
  • Lee Mallory– performer
  • Joey Stec– performer
  • Doug Rhodes– performer
  • Mike Fennelly– performer
  • Sandy Salisbury– performer
  • Gary Usher– executive coordination
  • Geller and Butler Advertising – album design

Track listing:

  1. Prelude – Ron Edgar. Doug Rhodes
  2. To Claudia on Thursday – Michael Fennelly, Joey Stec
  3. I Just Want to Be Your Friend – Curt Boettcher
  4. 5 A.M – Sandy Salisbury
  5. I’m With You – Lee Mallory
  6. The Island – Curt Boettcher
  7. Sing to Me – Lee Mallory
  8. It’s You – Michael Fennelly, Joey Stec
  9. Some Sunny Day – Lee Mallory
  10. It Won’t Always Be the Same – Michael Fennelly, Joey Stec
  11. The Know It All – Curt Boettcher
  12. Karmic Dream Sequence #1 – Curt Boettcher, Lee Mallory
  13. There is Nothing More to Say – Curt Boettcher, Lee Mallory, Michael Fennelly
  14. Anthem (Begin) – Curt Boettcher, Lee Mallory