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On January 13, 2015.

On January 13, 2015, “ECM” label released “Songs for Quintet”, the 27th Kenny Wheeler album. It was recorded in December 2013, at “Abbey Road Studios” in London, and was produced by Manfred Eicher and Steve Lake.


  • Kenny Wheeler— flugelhorn
  • Stan Sulzmann- tenor saxophone
  • John Parricelli- guitar
  • Chris Laurence- bass
  • Martin France- drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Kenny Wheeler.

  1. Seventy-Six
  2. Jigsaw
  3. The Long Waiting
  4. Canter No. 1
  5. Sly Eyes
  6. 1076
  7. Old Time
  8. Pretty Liddle Waltz
  9. Nonetheless

On September 18, 2015.


On September 18, 2015, “Columbia” label released “Rattle That Lock”, the fourth David Gilmour solo studio album. It was recorded 2010 – 2015, at “Medina Studio” in Hove; “Astoria Studio” in Middlesex; “Abbey Road Studios” and “AIR Studios” in London, and was produced by David Gilmour and Phil Manzanera. The cover artwork was created by Dave Stansbie from The Creative Corporation under the direction of Aubrey Powell, and the album book’s photographs were taken by Kevin Westenberg with Polly Samson. The album was certified Platinum in Italy by “FIMI”.


  • David Gilmour– lead vocals, guitars, keyboards, piano, SNCF sample, Hammond organ, bass guitar, bass harmonica, electric piano
  • Jon Carin– electric piano
  • David Crosby– backing vocals
  • Graham Nash– backing vocals
  • Danny Cummings– percussion
  • Steve DiStanislao– drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Roger Eno– piano
  • Martin France – drums
  • Gabriel Gilmour – piano
  • Jools Holland– piano
  • Damon Iddins – accordion, calliope keyboard
  • Rado Klose– guitar
  • Chris Laurence– double bass
  • The Liberty Choir – backing vocals
  • Phil Manzanera– Hammond organ, keyboard elements, acoustic guitar
  • Louise Marshall – backing vocals
  • Andy Newmark– drums
  • Eira Owen – French horn
  • John Parricelli– guitar
  • Mica Paris– backing vocals
  • Guy Pratt– bass guitar
  • Mike Rowe – electric piano
  • Polly Samson– backing vocals
  • Yaron Stavi – bass guitar, double bass, backing vocals
  • Colin Stetson– saxophone
  • Richard Wright– voice sample, keyboards
  • Robert Wyatt– cornet
  • Zbigniew Preisner– orchestration
  • Michaël Boumendil– original SNCF jingle
  • Guy Pratt– bass guitar
  • Steve DiStanislao – drums

Track listing:

  1. 5 A.M. – David Gilmour
  2. Rattle That Lock – Polly Samson, David Gilmour, Michael Boumendi
  3. Faces of Stone – David Gilmour
  4. A Boat Lies Waiting – Polly Samson, David Gilmour
  5. Dancing Right in Front of Me – David Gilmour
  6. In Any Tongue – Polly Samson, David Gilmour
  7. Beauty – David Gilmour
  8. The Girl in the Yellow Dress – Polly Samson, David Gilmour
  9. Today – Polly Samson, David Gilmour
  10. And Then… David Gilmour