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On February 17, 2017.

On February 17, 2017, “Sitcom Universe” label released “Enter the Kingdom”, the fifth Frontier Ruckus studio album. It was recorded in 2015, at “Cartoon Moon” in Nashville, Tennessee, and was produced by Ken Coomer, Matthew Milia, David Winston Jones, Zachary Nichols and Anna Burch.


  • Anna Burch – vocals, layout, design
  • Matthew Milia – lead vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, 12-string guitar, baritone guitar, pedal steel guitar, piano, Lowrey organ, cover concept, layout, design
  • David Winston Jones – banjo, banjo-Telecaster, layout, design
  • Zachary Nichols – trumpet, singing-saw, melodica, alto horn, piano, keyboards, Optigan, layout, design
  • Ken Coomer– drums, percussion photography
  • Connor Dodson – bass guitar
  • Kristin Weber – violin
  • Austin Hoke – cello
  • Patrick Miller – engineer
  • Ken Coomer, Patrick Miller – mixing
  • Eric Conn – mastering
  • Julia Grant – layout, design

Track listing:

All tracks by Matthew Milia, except where noted.

  1. Visit Me
  2. Gerunds
  3. 27 Dollars
  4. Our Flowers Are Still Burning
  5. Positively Freaking
  6. Sarah Springtime
  7. Since Milford – Zachary Nichols
  8. Gauche
  9. Nothing Is Working
  10. If You Can
  11. Enter the Kingdom





On February 8, 2000.

On February 8, 2000, “Merge” label released “Nixon”, the fifth Lambchop studio album. It was recorded in 1999, and was produced by Mark Nevers and Kurt Wagner.


  • Kurt Wagner – vocals, guitar, juno, mixing
  • John Delworth – piano, Hammond synth, juno, Hammond organ
  • Tony Crow – piano
  • Paula James Booker – guitar
  • Alex McManus – guitar
  • Paul Niehaus – vocals, guitar, pedal steel
  • Mark Nevers – guitars, engineer, mixing
  • Matt Swanson – bass
  • Allen Lowrey – drums
  • Ken Coomer – percussion
  • Dennis Cronin – vocals, background vocals, cornet, trumpet, engineer
  • Jonathan Marx – vocals, background vocals, trumpet
  • Deanna Varagona – vocals, background vocals, baritone saxophone
  • The Nashville String Machine – strings
  • Lloyd Barry – string arrangements, arranger
  • Wayne White – cover painting, cover art

Track listing:

All tracks by Kurt Wagner, except where noted.

  1. The Old Gold Shoe
  2. Grumpus
  3. You Masculine You
  4. Up with People
  5. Nashville parent
  6. What Else Could it Be
  7. The Distance from Her to There
  8. The Book I Haven’t Read – Kurt Wagner, Curtis Mayfield
  9. The Petrified Florist
  10. The Butcher Boy – traditional


On October 29, 1996.

On October 29, 1996, “Reprise” label released “Being There”, the second Wilco studio album. It was recorded September 1995 – July 1996, at “Chicago Recording Company” and “Warzone Recorders” in Chicago,”The Studio” in Springfield, Missouri, “Moonshine Studios” in Atlanta, Georgia, and was produced by Jeff Tweedy, John John Stirratt, Jay Bennett, Ken Coomer, Max Johnston and Bob Egan.


  • Jeff Tweedy– lead and backing vocals, guitars, bass, radio
  • John Stirratt– bass, piano, violin, backing vocals
  • Jay Bennett– guitars, piano, organ, harmonica, lap steel, drums, accordion, backing vocals
  • Ken Coomer – drums, percussion, guitars, backing vocals
  • Max Johnston – dobro, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, backing vocals
  • Bob Egan – pedal steel, national steel guitar
  • Greg Leisz– pedal steel
  • Larry Williams – tenor sax
  • Gary Grant, Jerry Hey– trumpet
  • Jessy Greene – violin
  • Dan Higgins – baritone sax, tenor sax
  • Jim Rondinelli, Chris Shepard– mastering
  • Ron Lowe, Mike Scotella, Lou Whitney, Chris Shepard– engineers
  • Bob Ludwig, Skip Saylor, Jim Scott – mastering
  • Dahn Davis – graphic design
  • Brad Miller – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Jeff Tweedy.

  1. Misunderstood – the verse starting “Take the Guitar Player for a Ride” written by Peter Laughner
  2. Far, Far Away
  3. Monday
  4. Outtasite (Outta Mind)
  5. Forget the Flowers
  6. Red-Eyed and Blue
  7. I Got You (At the End of the Century)
  8. What’s the World Got in Store
  9. Hotel Arizona
  10. Say You Miss Me
  11. Sunken Treasure
  12. Someday Soon
  13. Outta Mind (Outta Sight)
  14. Someone Else’s Song
  15. Kingpin
  16. (Was I) In Your Dreams
  17. Why Would You Wanna Live
  18. The Lonely 1
  19. Dreamer in My Dreams


On May 30, 2000.

On May 30, 2000, “Elektra” label released “Mermaid Avenue Vol. II”, album by Billy Brag and Wilco album. The album contains previously unheard lyrics written by Woody Guthrie.


  • Jeff Tweedy– vocal, guitar, slide and 12 string guitar, clapping, Mellotron, cabasa, mandolin, Wurlitzer
  • Jay Bennett- guitar, slide and 12 string guitar, B3 organ, Leslie pedals, Farfisa organ, backing vocal, mandolin, piano, tambourine, electric sitar, soloing, nylon string guitar, banjo, harmonica, shaker, saw drums, upright bass, Delayaphone, bells
  • John Stirratt- bass, backing vocal, claps, upright bass, baritone guitar
  • Billy Bragg- vocal, guitar, resonator guitar
  • Ken Coomer – drums, tape box, tambourine, percussion, backing vocal, hollering, kick drum, gas heater
  • Mike Henry – backing vocal
  • Natalie Merchant- lead vocal
  • Leroy Bach– piano
  • Corey Harris- lead vocal, acoustic guitar
  • Eliza Carthy– violin

Track listing:

All lyrics by Woody Guthrie.

  1. Airline to Heaven – music by Jay Bennettand, Jeff Tweedy
  2. My Flying Saucer – music by Billy Bragg
  3. Feed of Man – music by by JeffTweedy
  4. Hot Rod Hotel – music by Billy Bragg
  5. I Was Born – music by Billy Bragg
  6. Secret of the Sea – music by Jay Bennett, Jeff Tweedy .
  7. Stetson Kennedy – music by Billy Bragg
  8. Remember the Mountain Bed – music by Jeff Tweedy, Jay Bennett
  9. Blood of the Lamb – music by Jeff Tweedy, Jay Bennett
  10. Aginst th’ Law – music by Billy Bragg
  11. All You Fascists – music by Billy Bragg
  12. Joe DiMaggio Done It Again – music by Billy Bragg
  13. Meanest Man – music by Billy Bragg
  14. Black Wind Blowing – music by Billy
  15. Someday Some Morning Sometime – music by Jeff Tweedy

On March 9, 1999.


On March 9, 1999, “Reprise” label “Summerteeth”, the third “Wilco” studio album. It was recorded August 1997 – November 1998, at “Pedernales Recording Studio” in Spicewood, Texas, and was produced by Jeff Tweedy, jay Bennett, John Stirratt and Ken Corner.


  • Jeff Tweedy– vocals, electric guitar, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, 12-string guitar, synthesizers, baritone guitar, claps , bass guitar, tambourine, toy harp, bowed and tremolo guitars
  • Jay Bennett– piano, keyboards, bells, percussion, backing vocals, electric guitar, tambourine, lap steel, synthesizers, drums, Farfisa, bass drum, bass guitar, baritone guitar, e-bow guitar, claps, banjo, organ, Moog, slide bass, tiple
  • John Stirratt– bass guitar, backing vocals, piano
  • Ken Coomer– drums, timpani
  • Leroy Bach– piano
  • Dave Crawford – trumpet
  • Mark Greenberg – vibraphone
  • David Campbell— string arrangements
  • Lawrence Azerrad – artwork, graphic design

Track listing:

  1. Can’t Stand It – Jeff Tweedy, Jay Bennett
  2. She’s a Jar – Jeff Tweedy, Jay Bennett
  3. A Shot in the Arm – Jeff Tweedy, Jay Bennett John Stirratt
  4. We’re Just Friends – Jeff Tweedy, Jay Bennett, John Stirratt
  5. I’m Always in Love – Jeff Tweedy, Jay Bennett
  6. Nothing’severgonnastandinmyway (again) – Jeff Tweedy, Jay Bennett, John Stirratt
  7. Pieholden Suite – Jeff Tweedy, Jay Bennett
  8. How to Fight Loneliness – Jeff Tweedy, Jay Bennett
  9. Via Chicago – Jeff Tweedy
  10. ELT – Jeff Tweedy, Jay Bennett
  11. My Darling – Jeff Tweedy, Jay Bennett
  12. When You Wake Up Feeling Old – Jeff Tweedy
  13. Summer Teeth – Jeff Tweedy, Jay Bennett
  14. In a Future Age – Jeff Tweedy, Jay Bennett
  15. 23 seconds of silence – silence, hidden track
  16. Candyfloss – hidden track – Jeff Tweedy, Jay Bennett
  17. A Shot in the Arm – alternate version, hidden track – Jeff Tweedy, Jay Bennett, John Stirratt