On May 30, 2000.

On May 30, 2000, “Elektra” label released “Mermaid Avenue Vol. II”, album by Billy Brag and Wilco album. The album contains previously unheard lyrics written by Woody Guthrie.


  • Billy Bragg- vocal, guitar, resonator guitar
  • Jeff Tweedy– vocal, guitar, slide and 12 string guitar, clapping, Mellotron, cabasa, mandolin, Wurlitzer
  • Jay Bennett- guitar, slide and 12 string guitar, B3 organ, Leslie pedals, Farfisa organ, mandolin, piano, tambourine, electric sitar, soloing, nylon string guitar, banjo, harmonica, shaker, saw drums, upright bass, Delaya phone, bells, backing vocals
  • Natalie Merchant- lead vocal
  • Corey Harris- lead vocal, acoustic guitar
  • Leroy Bach– piano
  • John Stirratt- bass, claps, upright bass, baritone guitar, backing vocals
  • Ken Coomer – drums, tape box, tambourine, percussion, hollering, kick drum, backing vocals
  • Eliza Carthy– violin
  • Mike Henry – backing vocal

Track listing:

All lyrics by Woody Guthrie, music as noted.

  1. Airline to Heaven – Jay Bennettand, Jeff Tweedy
  2. My Flying Saucer – Billy Bragg
  3. Feed of Man – Jeff Tweedy
  4. Hot Rod Hotel – Billy Bragg
  5. I Was Born – Billy Bragg
  6. Secret of the Sea – Jay Bennett, Jeff Tweedy .
  7. Stetson Kennedy – Billy Bragg
  8. Remember the Mountain Bed – Jeff Tweedy, Jay Bennett
  9. Blood of the Lamb – Jeff Tweedy, Jay Bennett
  10. Aginst th’ Law – Billy Bragg
  11. All You Fascists – Billy Bragg
  12. Joe DiMaggio Done It Again – Billy Bragg
  13. Meanest Man – Billy Bragg
  14. Black Wind Blowing – Billy Bragg
  15. Someday Some Morning Sometime – Jeff Tweedy

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