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On January 17, 2014.

On January 17, 2014, “Rough Trade” label released the self-titled, second Warpaint studio album. It was recorded in 2013, at “Fivestar Studios” in Los Angeles, “Assault and Battery” in London, and was produced by Flood, Emily Kokal, Theresa Wayman, Jemmy Lee Lindberg and Stella Mozgawa.


  • Emily Kokal – vocals, guitar
  • Theresa Wayman – vocals, guitar
  • Jenny Lee Lindberg – vocals, bass
  • Stella Mozgawa – drums
  • Flood- recording, mixing
  • Nigel Godrich– mixing
  • Sam Petts-Davies – mixing assistant
  • Drew Smith, Justin Smith – recording
  • Cecil – recording, mixing
  • John Catlin – mixing
  • Stephen Marcussen– mastering
  • Chris Cunningham– photography, artwork
  • Mia Kirby – additional photography, artwork
  • Ravi Dhar – additional photography

Track listing:

All tracks written by Emily Kokal, Theresa Wayman, Jemmy Lee Lindberg and Stella Mozgawa.

  1. Intro
  2. Keep It Healthy
  3. Love Is to Die
  4. Hi
  5. Biggy
  6. Teese
  7. Disco//Very
  8. Go In
  9. Feeling Alright
  10. CC
  11. Drive
  12. Son

On June 5, 2012.

On June 5, 2012, “Creative Media Investments” label released “Sand & Snow”, the debut A Silent Film album. It was recorded in 2012, and was produced by Robert Stevenson, Karl Bareham, Ali Hussain and Spencer Walker.


  • Robert Stevenson – piano, vocals
  • Karl Bareham – guitar
  • Ali Hussain – bass
  • Spencer Walker – drums
  • Jessica Cox, Amy Stanford, Laura Stanford, and Rosie Tompsett – strings
  • John Catlin, Charles Godfrey, Felix Rashman, Justin Salter, Phil Schlemmer, Scott Knapper – engineering
  • Darius Deezle Harrison – additional production
  • Catherine Marks – mixing
  • Alan Moulder – mixing

Track listing:

  1. Reaching the Potential
  2. This Stage Is Your Life
  3. Danny, Dakota & the Wishing Well
  4. Anastasia
  5. Cuckoo Song
  6. Let Them Feel Your Heartbeat
  7. Harbour Lights
  8. Rustle of the Stars
  9. Queen of a Sad Land
  10. Love Takes a Wrecking Ball
  11. Thousand Mile Race

On May 31, 2011.

On May 31, 2011, “Atlantic” label released “Codes and Keys”, the seventh Death Cab for Cutie studio album.  It was recorded in 2010, at “Sound City” in Van Nuys, California, “The Warehouse” in Vancouver, “London Bridge”, “Avast Recordings” and “Two Sticks Audio” in Seattle, “Tiny Telephone” in San Francisco, “Bright Street Recorders” in Hollywood, “Jackpot! Recording” in Portland, and was produced by Chris Walla.


  • Benjamin Gibbard– lead vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards
  • Nicholas Harmer– bass guitar, guitar
  • Jason McGerr– drums, percussion
  • Chris Walla– guitar, backing vocals, piano, keyboards
  • Magik*Magik Orchestra – strings
  • Minna Choi – arrangements, conducting
  • Krish Lingala – oboe, theremin
  • Nicholas Harmer– front cover, “coin slot” photograph
  • Storey Elementary – additional photography and design
  • Chris Walla– recording, mixing
  • Beau Sorenson– recording, mixing
  • Alan Moulder– mixing
  • Roger Siebel – mastering
  • Sean Oakley, Dave “Squirrel” Covell, Sally Pickett, Mark Richards, Adam Greenholtz, Ryan Enockson, Stephen Hogan, Jackson Long, John Vanderslice, Jay Pellicci, Pierre de Reeder, Kendra Lynn, Stuart Hallerman, Johnny Mendoza, Cathy Ferrante – recording assistant
  • Catherine Marks – mixing assistant
  • John Catlin – mixing assistant

Track listing:

All tracks by Ben Gibbard, except “Home Is a Fire”, “Unobstructed Views” and “Underneath the Sycamore” by Ben Gibbard and Chris Walla.

  1. Home Is a Fire
  2. Codes and Keys
  3. Some Boys
  4. Doors Unlocked and Open
  5. You Are a Tourist
  6. Unobstructed Views
  7. Monday Morning
  8. Portable Television
  9. Underneath the Sycamore
  10. Peter’s Cathedral
  11. Stay Young, Go Dancing