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On May 16, 2000.

On May 16, 2000, “Palmetto” label released “Dusk”, the 31st Andrew Hill album. It was recorded September – October 1999, at “Maggie’s Farm” in Bucks County, US, and was produced by Matt Balitsaris.


  • Andrew Hill – piano
  • Marty Ehrlich – bass clarinet, alto saxophone
  • Greg Tardy – bass clarinet, tenor saxophone
  • Ron Horton – trumpet
  • Scott Colley – bass 
  • Billy Drummond – drums 

Track listing:

All tracks by Andrew Hill.

  1. Dusk  
  2. ML
  3. Ball Square
  4. Tough Love
  5. Sept
  6. T.C.
  7. 15/8
  8. Focus

On October 23, 1970.


On October 23, 1970, “Charisma” label released “Trespass” the second Genesis studio album. It was recorded June – July 1970, at the “Trident Studios” in London, and was produced by John Anthony.


  • Tony Banks: organ, acoustic and electric pianos, mellotron, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
  • Peter Gabriel: lead vocals, flute, accordion, bass drum, tambourine
  • John Mayhew: drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Anthony Phillips: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, dulcimer, backing vocals
  • Mike Rutherford: bass guitar, acoustic guitar, nylon string guitar, cello, backing vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Tony Banks, Peter Gabriel, Anthony Phillips, and Mike Rutherford.

  1. Looking for Someone
  2. White Mountain
  3. Visions of Angels
  4. Stagnation
  5. Dusk
  6. The Knife