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In July 1985.

In July 1985, “Off Beat” label released “Phantasmagoria”, the sixth Damned studio album. It was recorded March – June 1985, at “Eel Pie Recording Studios” in London, and was produced by Jon Kelly, Bob Sargeant, Dave Vanian, Roman Jugg, Bryn Merrick and Rat Scabies.


  • Dave Vanian– lead vocals
  • Roman Jugg– lead and backing vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Bryn Merrick– bass, backing vocals
  • Rat Scabies– drums
  • Paul Shepley – additional keyboards
  • Andy Richards– additional keyboards
  • Luís Jardim– percussion
  • Gary Barnacle– saxophone, brass
  • Steve Nieve– keyboard inspiration
  • Jon Kelly– engineer
  • Chris Ludwinsky – additional engineering
  • Booce – cover artwork
  • Bob Carlos Clarke – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Dave Vanian, Rat Scabies, Roman Jugg and Bryn Merrick, except where noted.

  1. Street of Dreams
  2. Shadow of Love
  3. There’ll Coe a Day
  4. Sanctum Sanctorum
  5. Is It a Dream – Dave Vanian, Rat Scabies, Roman Jugg, Bryn Merrick, Captain Sensible
  6. Grimly Fiendish – Dave Vanian, Rat Scabies, Roman Jugg, Bryn Merrick, Clive “Doctor” Jackson
  7. Edward the Bear
  8. The Eight Day
  9. Trojans

AC/DC: Stiff Upper Up


On February 28, 2000, “East West” label released “Stiff Upper Lip”, the thirteenth internationally and the fourteenth Australia released AC/DC album. It was recorded September – October 1999 at “The Warehouse Studio” in Vancouver, and was produced by George Young.


  • Brian Johnson– lead vocals
  • Angus Young– lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Malcolm Young– rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Cliff Williams– bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Phil Rudd– drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Angus Young and Malcolm Young.

  1. Stiff Upper Lip
  2. Meltdown
  3. House of Jazz
  4. Hold Me Back
  5. Safe in New York City
  6. Can’t Stand Still
  7. Can’t Stop Rock’n’Roll
  8. Satellite Blues
  9. Damned
  10. Come and Get It
  11. All Screwed Up
  12. Give it Up

Damned: Damned Damned Damned


On February 18, 1977, “Stiff” label released “Damned Damned Damned”, the debut Damned studio album. It was recorded September – December 1976 and January 1977, and was produced by Nick Lowe. “Damned Damned Damned” was the first full-length album released by a UK punk group


  • Dave Vanian – vocals
  • Brian James – vocals, guitar
  • Captain Sensible – vocals, bass
  • Rat Scabies – vocals, drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Brian James, except where noted.

  1. Neat Neat Neat
  2. Fan Club
  3. I Fall
  4. Born to Kill
  5. Stab Your Back
  6. Feel the Pain
  7. New Rose
  8. Fish – Brian James, Tony james
  9. See Her Tonite
  10. 1 of the 2
  11. So Messed Up
  12. I Feel Alright – The Stooges