Momus: Circus Maximus

On January 15, 1986, “Creation Records” label released “Circus Maximus”, the debut Momus album. It was recorded in September 1985, at “Alaska Studio”, in London, and was produced by Momus.


  • Momus (Nicholas Currie) – vocals, guitar, synthesizer, arranger
  • Neill Martin – synthesizer
  • Jane Davies – backing vocals
  • Noel Thomson – engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by Nicholas Currie (Momus).

  1. Lucky Like St. Sebastian
  2. The Lesson of Sodom (According to Lot)
  3. John The Baptist Jones
  4. King Solomon’s Song and Mine
  5. Little Lord Obedience
  6. The Day the Circus Came to Town
  7. The Rape of Lucretia
  8. Paper Wraps Rock
  9. Rules of the Game of Quoits

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