Zero: Carne Humana

On January 16, 1987, “EMI” label released “Carne Humana”, the debut Zero album. It was recorded in 1986, and was produced by Paul Mounsey.


  • Guilherme Isnard – vocals
  • Eduardo Amarante – guitars
  • Alfred “Freddy” Haiat – keyboard
  • Ricardo “Rick” Villas-Boas – bass
  • Malcolm Oakley – drums
  • Jorge Davidson – art direction
  • Mayrton Bahia – executive producer

Track listing:

All lyrics by Guilherme Isnard, except where noted.

  1. Algum Vicio
  2. Quimeras
  3. Linha da Vida
  4. Abuso de Poder
  5. Medo de Voar
  6. Carne Human
  7. Seu Planeta
  8. Game Over
  9. Sem Pudor
  10. A Luta e o Prazer

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