On September 28, 2010.

On September 28, 2010, “Dreyfus” label released “You Can Always Turn Around”, the 20th Lucky Peterson album. It was recorded in March 2010, in Woodstock, NY, and was produced by Doug Yoel, Francis Dreyfus, and Lucky Peterson. “You Can Always Turn Around” won “Grand Prix du Disque” (Best Blues Album in 2010 in France).


  • Lucky Peterson– vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, national duolian, piano, arranger
  • Larry Campbell – acoustic and pedal steel guitar, mandolin, national duolian, arranger
  • Scott Petito – bass, octave mandolin, shaker, arrangements, engineer, mixing, mastering
  • Gary Burke – drums, arrangements
  • Tamara Peterson – vocals
  • Doug Yoel- arrangements, cover photo, liner notes
  • Beth Reineke – engineer assistant, inside photo
  • Valérie Lefebvre – package coordinator
  • Djémila Boukhlifa – package coordinator

Track listing:

  1. I Believe I’ll Dust My Broom – Robert Johnson
  2. I’m New Here – Bill Callahan
  3. Statesboro Blues – Blind Willie McTell
  4. Trouble – Ray LaMontagne
  5. Trampled Rose – Tom Waits, Katleen Brennan
  6. Atonement – Lucinda Williams
  7. Why Are People Like That – Bobby Charles
  8. Four Little Boys – Lucky Peterson, James Peterson
  9. Death Don’t Have No Mercy – Reverend Gary Davis
  10. I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free- Billy Taylor, Dick Dallas
  11. Think – Curtis Mayfield

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