Virgin Prunes: …If I Die, I Die

On November 4, 1982, “Rough Trade” label released “…If I Die, I Die”, the debut Virgin Prunes album. It was recorded July – August 1982, at “Windmill Lane Studios” in Dublin, Ireland, and was produced by Colin Newman.


  • Dave-iD Busaras – vocals
  • Gavin Friday– vocals
  • Guggi– vocals
  • Dik Evans– guitar
  • Strongman – bass guitar
  • Mary D’Nellon – drums
  • Kevin Moloney – engineer
  • Steve Parker – engineer
  • Denis Blackham – engineer
  • BilBo – mastering
  • RX – design
  • Ursula Steiger – design

Track listing:

All tracks by Dave-iD Busaras, Mary D’Nellon, Dik Evans, Gavin Friday, Guggi and Strongman.

  1. Ulakanakulot
  2. Decline and Fall
  3. Sweethome Under White Clouds
  4. Bau-Dachöng
  5. Baby Turns Blue
  6. Ballad of the Man
  7. Walls of Jericho
  8. Caucasian Walk
  9. Theme for Thought

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