In February 1982.

In February 1982, “Arista” label released “Pelican West”, the debut Haircut One Hundred album. It was recorded 1981 – 1982, at “Roundhouse Studios” in London, and was produced by Bob Sargeant.


  • Nick Heyward- vocals, lead and rhythm guitar
  • Graham Jones – guitar
  • Les Nemes- bass guitar
  • Blair Cunningham– drums
  • Marc Fox – congas, percussion
  • Phil Smith – saxophone, brass arrangements
  • Herschel Holder, Dave Lord – trumpet
  • Vince Sullivan – trombone
  • Mark Dearnley, Dave Kemp – engineer
  • David Shortt – art direction
  • Peter Hill – sleeve art
  • Gered Mankowitz- photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Nick Heyward, except where noted.

  1. Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)
  2. Love Plus One
  3. Lemon Firebrigade
  4. Marine Boy
  5. Milk Film
  6. Kingsize (You’re My Little Steam Whistle)
  7. Fantastic Day
  8. Baked Bean
  9. Snow Girl
  10. Love’s Got Me in Triangles – Nick Heyward, Les Nemes
  11. Surprise Me Again
  12. Calling Captain Autumn

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