In February 1980.


In February 1980, “Arista” label released “Soldier”, the fourth Iggy Pop studio album. It was recorded in August 1979, at “Rockfield Studios” in Wales, and was produced by Pat Moran and Thom Panunzio.


  • Iggy Pop – vocals
  • Glen Matlock– bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Ivan Kral– guitar, keyboards
  • Klaus Krüger – drums
  • Steve New– guitar
  • Barry Andrews– keyboards
  • Simple Minds– backing vocals
  • David Bowie– backing vocals
  • Henry McGroggan – chorus
  • Thom Panunzio– mixing
  • Peter Haden – engineering
  • Joe Brescio – mastering
  • Brian Griffin/Rocking Russian – sleeve design

Track listing:

  1. Loco Mosquito – Iggy Pop
  2. Ambition – Glen Matlock
  3. Knockin’ Em Down (In the City) – Iggy Pop
  4. Play It Safe – David Bowie, Iggy Pop
  5. Get Up and Get Out – Iggy Pop
  6. Dynamite – Glen Matlock, Iggy Pop
  7. Dog Foot – Iggy Pop
  8. I Need More – Glen Matlock, Iggy Pop
  9. Take Care of Me – Glen Matlock, Iggy Pop
  10. I’m a Conservative – Iggy Pop
  11. I Snub You – Barry Andrews, Iggy Pop




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