On February 18, 2014.


On February 18, 2014, “Signature Sounds Recordings” label released “Bad Self Portraits”, the fourth Lake Street Dive album. It was recorded in 2012, at “Great North Sound Society” in Maine, and was produced by Sam Kassirer.


  • Rachael Price– lead vocals
  • Mike “McDuck” Olson – guitar, trumpet, trombone, piano, vocals
  • Bridget Kearney – bass, piano, vocals
  • Mike Calabrese – drums, percussion, vocals
  • Sam Kassirer – piano, organ
  • Sam Kassirer, assisted by Erik Hischmann – mixing
  • Jeff Lipton, assisted by Maria Rice – mastering
  • Robert, Gudrun Cuillo – executive producers
  • Philip Price  – graphic design
  • Jarrod McCabe  – photography

Track listing:

All tracks written by Rachael Price, Mike “McDuck” Olson, Bridget Kearney, Mike Calabrese, Sam Kassirer.

  1. Bad Self Portraits
  2. Stop Your Crying
  3. Better Than
  4. Rabid Animal
  5. You Go Down Smooth
  6. Use Me Up
  7. Bobby Tanqueray
  8. Just Ask
  9. Seventeen
  10. What About Me
  11. Rental Love

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