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On June 16, 2003.

On June 16, 2003, “Beggars Banquet” label released “The Vertigo of Bliss”, the second Biffy Clyro studio album. It was recorded 2002 – 2003, at “Great Linford Manor”, “Eden Studios”, “The Church Studios” and “Sanctuary Westside Studios” in London, and was produced by Chris Sheldon, Simon Neil, James Johnston and Ben Johnston. The album cover art was by Milo Manara.


  • Simon Neil– vocals, guitars
  • James Johnston– bass, vocals
  • Ben Johnston– drums, vocals
  • Kimberlee McCarrick – violin
  • Martin McCarrick– cello
  • Chris Sheldon- recording, engineering
  • Phil English – engineering
  • Sam Miller – engineering
  • Chris Blair – mastering
  • Phil Lee – design
  • Stefan De Batselier – photography

Track listing:

All lyrics by Simon Neil; all music by Simon Neil, James Johnston and Ben Johnston.

  1. Bodies in Flight
  2. The Ideal Height
  3. With Aplomb
  4. A Day Of…
  5. Liberate the Illiterate/A Mong Among Mingers
  6. Diary of Always
  7. Questions and Answers
  8. Eradicate the Doubt
  9. When the Faction’s Fractioned
  10. Toys, Toys, Toys, Choke, Toys, Toys, Toys
  11. All the Way Down: Prologue Chapter 1
  12. A Man of His Appalling Posture
  13. Now the Action Is on Fire! – features hidden track “Ewen’s True Mental You

In April 1970.

In April 1970, “Chrysalis” label released “Getting to This”, the second Blodwyn Pig album. It was recorded in 1970, at “Olympic” and “Trident Studios”, and was produced by Andy Johns.


  • Mick Abrahams– guitar, vocals, seven-string guitar, tenor guitar
  • Jack Lancaster– flute, violin, electric violin, tenor sax, baritone sax, soprano sax, phoon horn, cornet
  • Andy Pyle– electric bass, six-string bass
  • Ron Berg– drums, tympani
  • Graham Waller – piano

Track listing:

  1. Drive Me” – Mick Abrahams
  2. Variations on Nainos – Mick Abrahams
  3. See My Way – Mick Abrahams
  4. Long Bomb Blues – Mick Abrahams
  5. The Squirreling Must Go On – Mick Abrahams, Andy Pyle
  6. San Francisco Sketches – Jack Lancaster
  • Beach Scape
  • Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Telegraph Hill
  • Close the Door, I’m Falling Out of the Room
  1. Worry – Andy Pyle
  2. Toys – Mick Abrahams
  3. To Rassman – Ron Berg
  4. Send Your Son to Die – Mick Abrahams

On March 6, 1981.


On March 6, 1981, “Chrysalis” label released “Journeys to Glory”, the debut Spandau Ballet album. It was recorded 1980 -1981, at “Trident Studios”, and was produced by Richard James Burgess.


  • Tony Hadley- vocals, keyboards
  • Gary Kemp- guitar, keyboards
  • Steve Norman- guitar
  • Martin Kemp- bass guitar
  • John Keeble- drums
  • Graham Smith- design and photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Gary Kemp.

  1. To Cut a Long Story Short
  2. Reformation
  3. Mandolin
  4. Musclebound
  5. Age of Blows
  6. The Freeze
  7. Confused
  8. Toys