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On June 12, 2017.

On June 12, 2017, “Little Idiot” label released “More Fast Songs About the Apocalypse”, the fourteenth Moby studio.It was recorded 2014 – 2016, and was produced by Moby.


  • Moby – vocals, photography
  • Mindy Jones– vocals
  • Gavin Lurssen – mastering
  • Mark Needham – mixing
  • Jonathan Nesvadba – studio assistance, technical support
  • Tyler Spratt – mixing assistance
  • Melissa Danis – photography assistance
  • Mike Jones – design
  • Jonathan Nesvadba – photography assistance

Track listing:

All tracks by Moby.

  1. Silence
  2. A Softer War
  3. There’s Nothing Wrong with the World There’s Something Wrong with Me
  4. Trust
  5. All the Hurts We Made
  6. In This Cold Place
  7. If Only a Correction of All We’ve Been
  8. It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye
  9. A Happy Song



On February 17, 2009.

On February 17, 2009, “Richter Scale” label released “The Century of Self”, the sixth  …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead album. It was recorded in 2008, at “Bubble Studios” in Austin, Texas, and was produced by Mike McCarthy. The album cover art was by Conrad Keely.


  • Conrad Keely– vocals, guitar, drums, piano
  • Jason Reece– vocals, guitar, drums
  • Kevin Allen– guitar
  • Jay Leo Phillips– bass
  • Clay Morris – keyboards
  • Aaron Ford – percussion
  • Dragons of Zynth, YeasayerBrenda Radney, Jonathan Nesvadba, Joel Nesvadba, Paul Banks. – additional vocals
  • Chris Coady; Jason Buntz; David Tolomei; Jim Volentine; Frenchie Smith – engineers

Track listing:

All tracks by Jay Leo Phillips, Clay Morris, Kevin Allen, Conrad Keely, Jason Reece and Aaron Ford.

  1. The Giants Causeway
  2. The Far Pavilions
  3. Isis Unveiled
  4. Halcyon Days
  5. Bells of Creation
  6. Fields of Coal
  7. Inland Sea
  8. Luna Park
  9. Pictures of an Only Child
  10. Insatiable (One)
  11. Ascending
  12. An August Theme
  13. Insatiable (Two)