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On March 19, 1962.

On March 19, 1962, “Columbia” label released the self-titled, debut Bob Dylan album. It was recorded November 20 – 22, at “Columbia Studio A” in New York City, and was produced by John H. Hammond.


  • Bob Dylan– vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica

Track listing:

  1. You’re No Good – Jesse Fuller
  2. Talkin’ New York – Bob Dylan
  3. In My Time of Dyin’ – traditional, arranged by Bob Dylan
  4. Man of Constant Sorrow – traditional, arranged by Bob Dylan
  5. Fixin’ to Die – Bukka White
  6. Pretty Peggy-O – traditional, arranged by Bob Dylan
  7. Highway 51 Blues – Curtis Jones
  8. Gospel Plow – traditional, arranged by Bob Dylan
  9. Baby, Let Me Follow You Down – traditional, arranged by Eric von Schmidt
  10. House of the Risin’ Sun – traditional, arranged by Dave Van Ronk
  11. Freight Train Blues – John Lair, arranged by Bob Dylan
  12. Song to Woody – Bob Dylan
  13. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean – Blind Lemon Jefferson

On April 7, 1969.


On April 7, 1969, “Columbia” label released “Songs from a Room”, the second Leonard Cohen album. It was recorded in 1968, at “Columbia Studio A” in Nashville, and was produced by Bob Johnston.


  • Ron Cornelius- acoustic and electric guitar
  • Bubba Fowler- banjo, bass guitar, violin, acoustic guitar
  • Charlie Daniels- bass guitar, violin, acoustic guitar
  • Bob Johnston- keyboards
  • David Crosby- harmony vocals
  • Neil Wilburn – engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by Leonard Cohen, except where noted.

  1. Bird on the Wire
  2. Story of Isaac
  3. A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes
  4. The Partisan – Hy Zaret, Anna Marly
  5. Seems So Long Ago, Nancy
  6. The Old Revolution
  7. The Butcher
  8. You Know Who I Am
  9. Lady Midnight
  10. Tonight Will Be Fine

On March 19, 1971.


On January 19, 1971, “Columbia” label released “Songs of Love and Hate”, the third Leonard Cohen studio album. It was recorded in August 1970, at “Isle of Wight” and “Trident Studios” in London, and at “Columbia Studio A” in Nashville, and was produced by Bob Johnston.


  • Leonard Cohen – acoustic guitar, vocals
  • Ron Cornelius- acoustic and electric guitars
  • Charlie Daniels- acoustic guitar, bass guitar, fiddle
  • Elkin “Bubba” Fowler- acoustic guitar, banjo, bass guitar
  • Bob Johnston- piano
  • Corlynn Hanney – vocals
  • Susan Mussmano – vocals
  • The Corona Academy, London – children’s voices
  • Michael Sahl – strings
  • Paul Buckmaster- string and horn arrangements, conductor

Track listing:

All tracks by Leonard Cohen.

  1. Avalanche
  2. Last Year’s Man
  3. Dress Rehearsal Rag
  4. Diamonds in the Mine
  5. Love Calls You by Your Name
  6. Famous Blue Raincoat
  7. Sing Another Song, Boys (Live at the Isle of Wight Festival, August 31, 1970)
  8. Joan of Arc