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In February 1981.

In February 1981, “NEMS” label released “The Fool Circle”, the twelfth Nazareth studio album. It was recorded in 1980, at “Air Studios” in London, and track “Cocaine” was recorded at “Wendler Arena” in Saginaw, Michigan, and was produced by Jeff Baxter.


  • Dan McCafferty- vocals
  • Manny Charlton- guitars
  • Pete Agnew- bass guitar, vocals
  • Darrell Sweet– drums
  • Zal Cleminson– 12-string acoustic guitar
  • John Locke– keyboards
  • Jeff Baxter– synthesizer, vocoder
  • Geoff Emerick– engineer
  • Alan Schmidt, Pat Carroll – design
  • Chris Moore – illustrations

Track listing:

  1. Dressed to Kill – Pete Agnew, Dan McCafferty
  2. Another Year – Manny Charlton
  3. Moonlight Eyse – Dan McCafferty
  4. Pop the Silo – Pete Agnew, Dan McCafferty
  5. Let Me Be Your Leader – Manny Charlton
  6. We Are the People – Pete Agnew, Dan McCafferty
  7. Every Young Man’s Dream – Darrell Sweet
  8. Little Part of You – Manny Charlton
  9. Cocaine – J. J. Cale
  10. Victoria – Darrell Sweet

On February 7, 1976.

James Gang Jesse Come Home

On February 7, 1976, “Atco” label released “Jesse Come Home”, the ninth and final James Gang album. It was recorded in December 1975, and was produced by Howard and Ron Albert.


  • Bob Webb – guitars, lead and backing vocals
  • Phil Giallombardo – keyboards, lead and backing vocals, piano
  • Dale Peters – bass guitar, backing vocals, percussion
  • Jim Fox– drums, backing vocals, percussion, keyboards
  • Nelson Flaco Pedron – percussion

Track listing:

All tracks by Phil Giallombardo and Bob Webb, except where noted.

  1. I Need Love – Phil Giallombardo
  2. Another Year
  3. Feelin’ Alright – Jay Giallombardo, Jim Fox, Dale Peters, Bob Webb
  4. Peasant Song
  5. Hollywood Dream
  6. Love Hurts
  7. Pick Up the Pizzas – Bob Webb
  8. Stealin’ the Show
  9. When I Was a Sailor