Sea Girls: Homesick

On March 18, 2022, “Polydor” label released “Homesick”, the second Sea Girls studio album. It was recorded in November 2020 – April 2021, at “The Garage Topanga Canyon” in Los Angeles, “Stustustudio” in Brixton, and “Octagon” in London, and was produced by Jonny Coffer, Larry Hibbit, Jacknife Lee and Cass Lowe.


  • Henry Camamile – lead and backing vocals, acoustic and electric guitar
  • Rory Young – acoustic and electric guitar, backing vocals
  • Andrew Dawson – bass, backing vocals
  • Oliver Khan – drums, acoustic guitar, piano, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Jacknife Lee – lead and backing vocals, keyboards, electric guitar, percussion, programming, engineer
  • Larry Hibbitt – keyboards, acoustic and electric guitar, bass, piano, drums, percussion, strings, string arrangement
  • Jonathan Green – piano
  • Cass Lowe – keyboards, percussion, programming
  • Davide Rossi – strings, string arrangement
  • Dan Grech-Marguerat – programming
  • Luke Burgoyne – programming
  • Charles Hayden Hicks – programming
  • Alex O’Donovan – engineer
  • James Mottershead – engineer
  • Luke Ferrero – engineer assistant
  • Larry Hibbitt – engineer, mixing, tape realization
  • Dan Grech-Marguerat – mixing
  • Luke Burgoyne – mixing, mixing assistant
  • Charles Haydon Hicks – mixing, mixing assistant
  • Joe LaPorta – mastering

Track listing:

  1. Hometown – Henry Camamile, Nick Hahn
  2. Sick – Henry Camamile, Nick Hahn
  3. Lonely – Henry Camamile, Jonny Coffer
  4. Someone’s Daughter Someone’s Son – Henry Camamile, Jacknife Lee, Justin Parker, Rich Cooper
  5. Sleeping With You – Henry Camamile, Jon Green
  6. Paracematol Blues – Cass Lowe, Henry Camamile
  7. Again Again – Henry Camamile, Gez O’Connell, Luke Fitton
  8. Lucky – Henry Camamile, Kieran Shudall
  9. Higher – Henry Camamile, Jacknife Lee, Justin Hayward Young
  10. Cute Guys – Henry Camamile, Max Wolfgang
  11. Friends – Henry Camamile, Oliver Khan, Rory Young

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