In March 1977.

In March 1977, “Virgin” label released “Kew. Rhone.”, album by John Greaves and Peter Blegvad. It was recorded in October 1976, in Woodstock, New York, and was produced by John Greaves and Peter Blegvad. Interactive multimedia track “Kew. Rom.” produced by Les Corsaires and Voiceprint


  • John Greaves – vocals, piano, organ, bass guitar, percussion
  • Peter Blegvad – vocals, guitars, tenor saxophone, artistic contribution
  • Lisa Herman – vocals
  • Andrew Cyrille – drum, percussion
  • Carla Bley – vocals, tenor saxophone
  • Vito Rendace – alto and tenor saxophones, flute
  • Michael Mantler – trumpet, trombone, engineer
  • Michael A. Levine – vocals, violin, viola
  • April Lang – vocals
  • Dana Johnson – vocals
  • Boris Kinberg – claves
  • Denis Thiriar – programming
  • François Ducat – concept, coordination
  • Serge G. – image manipulation

Track listing:

All lyrics by Peter Blegvad, all music by John Greaves.

  1. Good Evening
  2. Twenty Two Proverbs
  3. Seven Scenes from the Painting ‘Exhuming the First American Mastodon’ by C. W. Peale
  4. Kew. Rhone.
  5. Catalogue of Fifteen Objects and Their Titles
  6. One Footnote (to Kew. Rhone.)
  7. Three Tenses Onanism
  8. Nine Mineral Emblems
  9. Apricot
  10. Gegenstant

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