Manic Street Preachers: Lifeblood

On November 1, 2004, “Sony Music UK” label released “Lifeblood”, the seventh Manic Street Preachers studio album. It was recorded August 2003 – August 2004, at “Stir Studios” in Cardiff, Wales, “Looking Glass Studios” in New York, “Grouse Lodge” in Westmeath, Ireland, and was produced by Tony Visconti, Tom Elmhirst and Greg Haver.


  1. James Dean Bradfield – lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitar
  2. Sean Moore – drums, drum programming
  3. Nicky Wire – bass guitar
  4. Nick Nasmyth – keyboards
  5. Jeremy Shaw – keyboards
  6. Greg Haver – percussion
  7. Mario J. McNulty – engineer assistance
  8. Stefano Sofia – engineer assistance
  9. Steve Davis – engineer assistance
  10. Loz Williams – engineer assistance
  11. Tom Elmhirst – mixing
  12. Mark “Spike” Stent – mixing
  13. Farrow Design – art direction, artwork, design
  14. John Ross – sleeve photography

Track listing:

All lyrics by Nicky Wire except where noted, all music by James Dean Bradfield and Sean Moore.

  1. 1985
  2. The Love of Richard Nixon
  3. Empty Souls
  4. A Song for Departure
  5. I Live to Fall Asleep
  6. To Repel Ghosts
  7. Emily
  8. Glasnost
  9. Always/Never
  10. Solitude Sometimes Is
  11. Fragments – additional lyrics by Patrick Jones
  12. Cardiff Afterlife

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