On November 1, 2003.

On November 1, 2003, “Lithium Records” label released “Trumano”, the second Superhiks album. It was recorded in 2003, at “Dimitrovi Studio” in Skopje, Macedonia.


  • Petar Mladenovski – vocals, bass guitar
  • Boris Minov – guitar, arranger
  • Ivica Ivanovski – trombone, arranger
  • Aleksandar Spasovski – trumpet, arranger
  • Dimitar Todorovski – trumpet, arranger
  • Darko Popov Daro – drums, arranger
  • DJ Slave – DJ mix

Track listing:

All lyrics by Petar Mladenovski and Dimitar Todorovski, all music by Petar Mladenovski, Boris Minov, Ivica Ivanovski, Aleksandar Spasovski, Dimitar Todorovski and Darko Popov.

  1. Znam deka ljubi
  2. Kolku vreme
  3. Ponelogas
  4. Chkembe chorba
  5. Edno leto
  6. Drugar
  7. Zaminuvanje
  8. Chudna sostojba
  9. One of My Bad Days
  10. Freaks
  11. Menores des 3 anos
  12. Hooker
  13. Happy End

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