10CC: Mirror Mirror

On June 27, 1995, “Avex” label released “Mirror Mirror”, the eleventh and final 10cc album. It was recorded 1975, 1985, 1981, and was produced by Eric Stewart, Graham Gouldman, Adrian Lee and Rod Gammons.


  • Eric Stewart — lead and backing vocals, lead guitar, keyboards, percussion
  • Graham Gouldman — lead and backing vocals, guitars, bass guitar, percussion, mandolin
  • Rick Fenn — lead guitar
  • Steve Pigott — keyboard, drum programming
  • Gary Wallis — drums, percussion
  • Kevin Godley — bass drum, musical box, backing vocals
  • Lol Creme — grand piano, backing vocals
  • Adrian Lee — bass, programming, arrangements, keyboard, brass section, percussion, accordion, vibes, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
  • Paul McCartney — rhythm guitar, strings, electric piano, frogs, crickets, percussion
  • Andrew Gold — lead and backing vocals
  • Ian Thomas — drums
  • Gary Barnacle — saxophone
  • Peter Thoms — trombone
  • Lise Aferiat, Nicola Burton – violin
  • Chris Goldscheider – viola
  • Patrick Jones – cello
  • Andrew Hines – cello

Track listing:

  1. Yvonne’s the One – Paul McCartney, Eric Stewart
  2. Code of Silence – Eric Stewart
  3. Blue Bird – Graham Gouldman
  4. Age of Consent – Eric Stewart
  5. Take This Woman – Eric Stewart, Graham Gouldon
  6. The Monkey and the Onion – Graham Gouldman, Tim Rice
  7. Everything Is Not Enough – Eric Stewart
  8. Ready to Go Home – Andrew Gold, Graham Gouldman
  9. Grow Old with Me – Graham Gouldman
  10. Margo Wants the Mustard – Eric Stewart
  11. Peace in Our Time – Graham Gouldman, Steve Pigott
  12. Why Did I Break Your Heart – Eric Stewart, Graham Gouldman
  13. Now You’re Gone – Graham Gouldman
  14. I’m Not in Love (acoustic version 95’) – Eric Stewart, Graham Gouldman

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