Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Black Moon

On June 27, 1992, “Victory Music” label released “Black Moon”, the eighth Emerson, Lake & Palmer studio album. It was recorded in 1992, at “Marcus Studios”, “Front Page Recorders” and was produced by Mark Mancina, Ian Morrow and John Van Tongeren.

  • Keith Emerson – piano, keyboards
  • Greg Lake – vocals, guitars, bass, harmonica
  • Carl Palmer – drums, percussion
  • Tim Heintz, Gary Hodgson, Ian Morrow, John Van Tongeren – programming
  • Mark Holding – vocal arrangements
  • Steve Kempster, Stephen Marcussen, David Mitchell – engineer
  • Anthony Danbury, Gil Morales, Marnie Riley, Brett Swain, Charlie Watts – engineer assistant
  • Steve Kempster, David Mitchell – mixing
  • Stephen Marcussen – mastering
  • Jay Rifkin – digital editing
  • Willie Alexander – keyboard technician

Track listing:

  1. Black Moon – Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, Carl Palmer
  2. Paper Blood – Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, Carl Palmer
  3. Affairs of the Juliet – Geoff Downes, Greg Lake
  4. Romeo and Juliet – Sergei Prokofiev
  5. Farewell to Arms – Keith Emerson, Greg Lake
  6. Changing States – Keith Emerson
  7. Burning Bridges – Mark Mancina
  8. Close to Home – Keith Emerson
  9.  Better Days – Keith Emerson
  10. Footprints in the Snow – Greg Lake

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