Spirit of the West: Open Heart Symphony

On May 21, 1996, “Warner Music Canada” label released “Open Heart Symphony”, the eight Spirit of the West album. It was recorded in May 1995, at “Orpheum Theatre” and “Mushroom Studios” in Vancouver, Canada, and was produced by Cliff Jones, John Mann, Geoffrey Kelly, Hugh McMillan, Vince Ditrich, Tobin Frank, J. Knutson, Matthew Harder,


  • John Mann – vocals, guitar
  • Geoffrey Kelly – guitars, flutes and bodhran
  • Hugh McMillan – guitars, bass, banjo, trombone, mandolins, Chapman stick, piano, keyboards
  • J. Knutson – vocals
  • Tobin Frank – bass
  • Vince Ditrich – drums
  • George Blondheim – piano
  • The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
  • George Blondheim – orchestra arrangements
  • Clyde Mitchell – conductor
  • Brian Larson, Cam Wilson – violin, fiddle
  • Charles Inkman – cello
  • Reg Quiring – viola
  • Clyde Mitchell – French horn
  • Rob Nevaleinen – monitor engineer
  • Don Harder, Greg Reely – live recordings engineer
  • Brian Chanpong, Glen Reely, John Henderson – live recordings engineer assistant
  • Pete Wonsiak – recording assistant
  • Greg Reely – recording, mixing
  • Brian K. Lee – mastering
  • John Rummen – artwork, design
  • Petra Erstenuk – violin/heart drawing
  • Dwayne Brown – cover photography
  • David Cooper – live performances photography

Track listing:

All tracks John Mann and Geoffrey Kelly, except where noted.

  1. Williamson’s Garage
  2. Daisy’s Dead
  3. Frankfurt, I’m Sorry
  4. Christmas Eve – traditional
  5. Resurrection
  6. The Miller’s Daughter – Geoffrey Kelly
  7. Bare Branches
  8. Strange Bedfellows
  9. Kiss and Tell
  10. Milk, Tea and Oranges
  11. Let the Ass Bray

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