Joe Zawinul: Money in the Pocket

In April 1966, “Atlantic” label released “Money in the Pocket”, the debut Joe Zawinul album. It was recorded in February 1966, at “Atlantic Studios” in New York City, and was produced by Joel Dorn.


  • Joe Zawinul – piano
  • Blue Mitchell – trumpet
  • Joe Henderson – tenor saxophone
  • Clifford Jordan – tenor saxophone
  • Pepper Adams – baritone saxophone 
  • Bob Cranshaw – bass
  • Sam Jones – bass
  • Louis Hayes – drums 
  • Roy McCurdy – drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Joe Zawinul except where noted.

  1. Money in the Pocket
  2. If – Joe Henderson
  3. My One and Only Love – Guy Wood, Robert Mellin
  4. Midnight Mood
  5. Some More of Dat – Sam Jones
  6. Sharon’s Waltz – Rudy Stevenson
  7. Riverbed
  8. Del Sasser – Sam Jones

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