In May 1976.

In May 1976, “Epic” label released “Skullduggery”, the ninth Steppenwolf studio album. It was recorded in January 1976, and was produced by John Kay, Bobby Cochran, George Biondo, Wayne Cook and Jerry Edmonton.


  • John Kay– vocals, guitar
  • Bobby Cochran– vocals, guitar
  • George Biondo– vocals, bass guitar
  • Wayne Cook– keyboards
  • Jerry Edmonton- drums, percussion, backing vocals, art direction
  • Mike Reese – mastering
  • Ed Bannon – engineer
  • Randy Nicklaus – mixing engineer
  • Lorrie Sullivan – design, photography

Track listing:

  1. Skullduggery – Bobby Cochran
  2. (I am a) Road Runner – Lamont Dozier, Edward Holland
  3. Rock and Roll Song – Valdy Horsdal
  4. Train of Thought – Alan O’Day
  5. Life is a Gamble – Bobby Cochran, Harry Garfield
  6. Pass It On – Jean Watt
  7. Sleep – George Biondo
  8. Lip Service – George Biondo, Bobby Cochran, Wayne Cook


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