Pere Ubu: Pennsylvania

On March 2, 1998, “Cooking Vinyl” label released “Pennsylvania”, the eleventh Pere Ubu studio album. It was recorded in 1997, and was produced by David Thomas.


  • David Thomas– vocals, organ, virtual voices
  • Tom Herman – guitar, bass, tack piano, snare
  • Jim Jones– guitar, bass, organ
  • Robert Wheeler – EML & digital synthesizers, theremin, organ
  • Michele Temple – bass, guitar, organ, piano
  • Steve Mehlman – drums, percussion

Track listing:

  1. Woolie Bullie
  2. Highwaterville
  3. TXT
  4. Urban Lifestyle
  5. Silent Spring
  6. Mr Wheeler
  7. Muddy Waters
  8. Slow
  9. Drive
  10. Indiangiver
  11. Monday Morning
  12. Perfume
  13. Fly’s Eye
  14. The Duke’s Saharan Ambitions
  15. Wheelhouse




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