On July 23, 1996.

On July 23, 1996, “Supreme Recordings” label released “Songs for a Blue Guitar”, the fifth Red House Painters studio album. It was recorded 1995 – 1996, at “Record Two Studios” in Mendocino County, Comptche, California, “Hyde Street Studios” and  “Polk Street Recording” in San Francisco, and was produced by Mark Kozelek.


  • Mark Kozelek – vocals, guitar, piano
  • Stephanie Finch – backing vocals
  • Mark Needham – recording engineer.
  • Billy Anderson– engineer.
  • Darren Mora, Dale Lawton – second engineer
  • John Golden – mastering
  • Michele Turriani.- photography
  • Paul McMenamin (at v23) – art direction, design

Track listing:.

All tracks by Mark Kozelek, except where noted.

  1. Have You Forgotten
  2. Song for a Blue Guitar
  3. Make Like Paper
  4. Priest Alley Song
  5. Trailways
  6. I Feel the Rain Fall
  7. Long Distance Runaround – Jon Anderson
  8. All Mixed Up – Ric Ocasek
  9. Revelation Big Sur
  10. Silly Love Songs – Paul McCartney






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