On January 15, 1981.

On January 15, 1981, “Tamla” label released “In Our Lifetime?”, the sixteenth Marvin Gaye studio album. It was recorded 1979 – 1981, at “Marvin’s Room” in Los Angeles, “Seawest Recording Studio” in Honolulu, Hawaii, “Odyssey Studios” in London, and was produced by Marvin Gaye.


  • Marvin Gaye– vocals, keyboards, drums
  • Robert Ahwry, Gordon Banks– guitar
  • Frank Bates– bass, background vocals
  • Frank Blair– bass, drums
  • Ray Brown, Kenny Mason – trumpet
  • William Bryant – drums, keyboards
  • Elmira Collins – vibraphone, background vocals
  • Raymond Crossley – keyboards
  • Fernando Harkness – saxophone
  • Joe James – percussion
  • Gary Jones – percussion, conga
  • Lee Kentle – drums, background vocals
  • Nigel Martinez, Preston “Bugsy” Wilcox – drums
  • Joe Mayo– percussion
  • Sidney Muldrew – French horn
  • Curtis Anthony Nolen – guitar
  • Raphael Ravenscroft– alto saxophone
  • George Shaw, Nolan Andrew Smith – trumpet
  • Candace Bond – executive producer
  • Jon Walls – recording and mixing engineer
  • David Ritz– liner notes
  • Ron Slenzak– photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Marvin Gaye.

  1. Praise
  2. Life Is for Learning
  3. Love Party
  4. Funk Me
  5. Far Cry
  6. Love Me Now or Love Me Later
  7. Heavy Love Affair
  8. In Our Lifetime

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