On August 7, 1990.

On August 7, 1990, “Mercury” label released “Blaze of Glory”, the debut Jon Bon Jovi solo studio album. It includes songs from and inspired by the movie Young Guns II. It was recorded April – June 1990, and was produced by Jon Bon Jovi and Danny Kortchmar.


  • Jon Bon Jovi – lead and backing vocals, guitars, piano, harmonica
  • Jeff Beck– electric guitar
  • Robbin Crosby– guitar
  • Danny Kortchmar– guitar
  • Aldo Nova– guitars, keyboards, piano, tambourine
  • Waddy Wachtel– guitar, slide guitar
  • Little Richard– piano, vocals
  • Elton John– piano, backing vocals
  • Benmont Tench– organ, piano
  • Phil Parlapiano – accordion
  • Bob Glaub, Randy Jackson– bass
  • Kenny Aronoff– drums, percussion
  • Dale Lavi, The Runners – hand claps
  • Lou Diamond Phillips– vocals
  • Myrna Matthews, Camilla Lento – backing vocals
  • Julia Waters, Maxine Waters – backing vocals
  • Alan Silvestri– arranger
  • Brian Scheuble, Ron Jacobs – engineer
  • Brian Scheuble, Rob Jacobs – engineer
  • JD Dworkow – production coordinator

Track listing:

All tracks by Jon Bon Jovi, except where noted.

  1. Billy Get Your Guns
  2. Miracle
  3. Blaze of Glory
  4. Blood Money
  5. Santa Fe
  6. Justice in the Barrel
  7. Never Say Die
  8. You Really Got Me Now
  9. Bang a Drum
  10. Dyin’ Ain’t Much of a Livin’
  11. Guano City – Alan Silvestri

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