On July 5, 1974.

On July 5, 1974, “island” label released “Another Time, Another Place”, the second Bryan Ferry studio album. It was recorded in 1974, at “Island Studios”, “Ramport Studios” and “AIR studios” in London, and was produced by  Bryan Ferry and John Punter.


  • Bryan Ferry – lead vocal, harmonica, organ, cover concept
  • David O’List– guitar
  • John Porter– guitar
  • Mark Warner – guitar
  • Peter Robinson – keyboards
  • John Wetton– bass guitar, fiddle
  • John Punter– bass guitar
  • Tony Carr, Tony Charles, Bruce Rowland– drums
  • Bruce Rowland– drums
  • Morris Pert– percussion
  • Ruan O’Lochlainn – alto saxophone
  • Chris Mercer – tenor saxophone
  • Jeff Daly, Bob Efford, Ronnie Ross– saxophone
  • Henry Lowther– trumpet
  • Paul Cosh, Martin Drover– trumpet
  • Chris Pyne– trombone
  • Malcolm Griffiths – trombone
  • Jimmy Hastings– flute
  • Vicki Brown, Helen Chappelle, Barry St. John, Liza Strike – choir
  • Martyn Ford – brass arrangements
  • Ann Odell – string arrangements
  • John Punter – engineer
  • Rhett Davies, Mark Dodson, Gary Edwards, Sean Milligan – engineer assistant
  • Bob Bowkett – artwork
  • Nicholas de Ville – design
  • Eric Boman – photography
  • Antony Price – fashion

Track listing:

  1. The ‘In’ Crowd – Billy Page
  2. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes – Jerome Kern, Otto Harbach
  3. Walk a Mile in My Shoes – Joe South
  4. Funny How Time Slips Away – Willie Nelson
  5. You Are My Sunshine – Jimmie Davis, Charles Mitchell
  6. (What a) Wonderful World – Sam Cooke, Herb Alpert, Lou Adler
  7. It Ain’t Me Babe – Bob Dylan
  8. Fingerpoppin’ – Ike Turner
  9. Help Me Make It Through the Nigh – Ike Turner
  10. Another Time, Another Place – Brian Ferry

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