In March 1970.


In March 1970, “Reprise” label released “Ladies of the Canyon”, the third Joni Mitchell studio album. It was recorded 1969 – 1970, at “A&M Studios” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Joni Mitchell.The album title was reference to Laurel Canyon, a centre of popular music culture in Los Angeles during the 1960s.


  • Joni Mitchell– guitar, piano, vocals, cover illustration
  • Teresa Adams – cello
  • Paul Horn– clarinet, flute
  • Jim Horn– baritone saxophone
  • Milt Holland– percussion
  • The Saskatunes – bop vocals
  • The Lookout Mountain United Downstairs Choir – chorus
  • Don Bagley– cello arrangement
  • Henry Lewy- engineer, production advice

Track listing:

All tracks by Joni Mitchell.

  1. Morning Morgantown
  2. For Free
  3. Conversation
  4. Ladies of the Canyon
  5. Willy
  6. The Arrangement
  7. Rainy Night House
  8. The Priest
  9. Blue Boy
  10. Big yellow Taxi
  11. Woodstock
  12. The Circle Game

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