In February 1984.


In February 1984, “EMI” label released “The Flat Earth”, the second Thomas Dolby album. It was recorded 1982 – 1983, and was produced by Thomas Dolby.


  • Thomas Dolby -vocals, piano, effects
  • Kevin Armstrong- guitar, trumpet, backing vocals
  • Robyn Hitchcock- vocals (spoken)
  • Louise Ulfstedt -vocals
  • Matthew Seligman- bass
  • Clif Brigden -percussion, electronic drums
  • Peter Thoms- trombone
  • Matthew Salt – tins, thundersheet
  • Adele Bertei- backing vocals
  • Lesley Fairbairn – backing vocals
  • Lionel Richie- backing vocals
  • Bruce Woolley- backing vocals
  • Dan Lacksman – engineer
  • Mike Shipley, Alan Douglas – mixing
  • Wally Traugott – mastering .

Track listing:

All tracks by Thomas Dolby, except where noted.

  1. Dissidents – Thomas Dolby, Kevin Armstrong,Matthew Seligman
  2. The Flat Earth
  3. Screen Kiss
  4. White City
  5. Mulu the Rain Forest
  6. I Scare Myself – Dan Hicks
  7. Hyperactive!

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